The final collection of adventures for D&D’s unrevised fifth edition launches July 16 — here’s where to pre-order

Key art from Dungeons & Dragons Quests from the Infinite Staircase shows a big purple genielooking down at a crowd of elves, trolls, and other people.
Image: Wizards of the Coast

The fitting capstone for fifth-edition D&D is available starting July 16

Quests from the Infinite Staircase is the final anthology of adventures published for the unrevised fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. This compilation of one-shots features six of D&D’s weirdest first-edition adventures remastered for the 5e ruleset. This capstone for the 2014 edition of D&D won’t be available until July 16, but digital and physical copies are currently available to pre-order from a number of online retailers.

A bundle featuring a hardcover copy of Quests from the Infinite Staircase, along with a digital version accessible through D&D Beyond, is available to pre-order from Wizards of the Coast for $69.99. However, physical copies are also available for $59.95 from Amazon and Wizards of the Coast. You can also pre-order the Roll20 version for $29.99, which unlocks on the same day but includes additional assets for running these adventures with the virtual tabletop system.

While this collection of adventures was written with the original fifth-edition rules in mind, they’ll still be compatible with the revised fifth-edition rules when they start rolling out in September.

Quests from the Infinite Staircase features a total of six revised, first-edition adventures, including When a Star Falls and Expedition to the Barrier Peaks — some personal favorites from D&D historians Stu Horvath and Jon Peterson. Also included are revised versions of Pharoah, The Lost City, The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and Beyond the Crystal Cave.

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