Feature: “It Is Both Exciting And A Bit Terrifying” – Nightdive Studios On Reviving ‘The Thing’

“We were working on getting the rights to this game for several years”.

2002’s The Thing is widely regarded as one of the best horror games based on an existing media franchise. Many licensed horror games are sadly relegated to genres that require a specific setup, such as asymmetrical multiplayer or short VR experiences, but The Thing — a third-person squad-based shooter — dared to go one step further, telling its own unique story that serves as a proper sequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 movie masterpiece.

It’s not a game that frequents mainstream remaster wishlists, but Nightdive Studios is nevertheless delivering what few of us realised we wanted with The Thing: Remastered. Announced during IGN Live and scheduled to land on the Switch later this year, Computer Artworks’ original is getting the full revamp treatment, with updated visuals, improved lighting, numerous quality-of-life tweaks, and more.

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