Review: SPY×ANYA: Operation Memories (Switch) – A Very Easygoing, Sometimes Awkward Anime Outing

The most adorable spy mission you’ll ever play.

Listen up, Spy x Family fans. Operation Strix is on and the only way to ensure world peace is to help Anya Forger with her homework. In the case of Spy x Anya: Operation Memories, that means taking her to lots of fun places and taking pictures of her while she does adorable things. It is a low-stakes, cosy adventure that will make fans of the Spy x Family smile and leave everyone else scratching their heads in confusion.

The confusion isn’t because the game is particularly complicated – it is actually delightfully, relaxingly simple. However, unless you are familiar with the characters and jokes of Spy x Family, most of the plot of Spy x Anya is going to go straight over your head. The game assumes that you know the overall goal of Operation Strix and that each of the Forgers has a secret they are keeping from everyone else. Loid is a spy. Yor is an assassin. Anya can read minds. Even the dog can see the future.

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