10 Cool Items We Found at the Sportsman’s Expo at the NYS Fair


It’s the last day of the New York Sportsman’s Exposition at the State Fairgrounds. The event opens at 9 a.m. and continues until 5 p.m. Buy your tickets online here or at the door. Tickets are $12 for adults (13-64). Seniors, Military, Police and Children (ages 6-12) are $10. Children 6 and under are free.

If you’re going on Sunday, here are some cool items we found this weekend:

Iron Skillet Game Meat Seasonings

Sean LaRose holds an Iron Skillet “10 Gauge” spice shaker.

When other sellers in the salon are asking for your product, you know you’ve got something good. Iron Skillet of Worcester NY sells a full line of seasonings to spice up any type of fish, poultry or game. Their “10-Gauge” rub ($7.99 a bottle) goes great with pork, or so we hear.

Custom four-leaf calls

wooden turkey box calls laid out on a table.

Boutique, Hand Carved Turkey Calls from Four Leaf Custom Calls

Trent McCall, owner of Four Leaf Custom Calls in Truxton, NY, made Stickley furniture. Now, he handcrafts “small batch” game calls from premium hardwoods. McCall’s new turkey feather box calls are works of art ($100).

Leather Goods Outback Survival Gear

man standing in front of a hat rack

Mick Rodgers, owner of Outback Survival Gear, makes leather goods.

You don’t have to be a Crocodile Dundee cosplayer to appreciate Outback Survival Gear’s leather hats, jackets and boots. Mick Rodgers, who was born in Australia and now lives in Saratoga Springs, will offer you a kangaroo leather hat for $70, crocodile teeth headband not included.

Timber Trail Electric Bikes

black electric mountain bike

Timber Trail Electric Bikes: When the hunt just isn’t fun enough.

Designed by two central Pennsylvania outdoor enthusiasts, the Timber Trail “Monster” model e-bike features electric motors powering each wheel (1750 watts total), an aluminum frame, a range of 25 miles and a speed of 25 mph. At $4695, invest in a decent bike lock to secure to your tree stand.

Spangler Forge Knives

man holding a scotch

Ben Spangler holds a Scottish “dirk” style dagger.

Ben Spangler, blacksmith and owner of Spangler Forge in Rochester, says his blades are not only great for cleaning game, but also for digging and hewing, just like the Vikings who inspired his creations. Spangler also makes swords, but he keeps them in the trunk of his car. A 12-inch Scottish “dirk” will set you back $295.

Bling Bullet Jewelry Designs

New York Sports Expo 2022

A new way to stick your child’s report card to the fridge.

Sportsmen and women tend to be a practical group. Bullet Jewelry Designs of Youngstown, Ohio, the jewelry is made from worn bullet casings, polished, etched and encrusted with colored glass crystals (gems ​​would be a bit too much, don’t you think?). Prices range from $25 to $55.

Gooseman Game Calls

tall bearded man in sunglasses, smiling

“Gooseman” Halliwell makes play calls of all kinds.

Family owned and operated, Gooseman Game Calls offers a full line of game calls in Lakeland, just a few miles from the State Fairgrounds. All of their calls are handcrafted and range in price from $10 for squirrel calls, $30 for deer calls, and $100 for goose calls. Gooseman’s classes are free.

Nictau Lodge bear hunting

Middle-aged man standing between two black teddy bears

Wayne Scott organizes bear hunts from Nictau Lodge in New Brunswick, Canada.

According to many suppliers we spoke to at the show, Covid-19 has put a damper on safari business in Africa. But Wayne Scott, owner of Nictau Lodge in New Brunswick Canada, is already booking black bear hunts through 2023. 5 days, all inclusive for $2950.

Woody’s Maple Syrup

maple syrup bottles arranged around a wooden bourbon barrel

Woody’s maple syrup is aged in bourbon casks from the Clayton distillery.

Turn ordinary waffles into a breakfast cocktail with Woody’s Limited Edition Maple Syrup, bourbon cask aged maple syrup, made in Hermon NY (bourbon casks supplied by Clayton Distillery). $12 for a 750 ml bottle.

Pulsar thermal optics

man listening to another man, between them is a black and white thermal image as shown through a scope

Expo attendee listens to a sales pitch on thermal rangefinders

What would a roundup be without at least one ridiculously expensive electronic gadget you didn’t know you needed? Pulsar’s line of rangefinders and thermal binoculars can get pretty expensive (the super cool Accolade binoculars are $6,000), but it’s free to test them out at the show.


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