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Photo: provided by 3CDC

Artwork developed by 3CDC and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful will be displayed at 21 downtown sign boxes in early fall.

Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC) and Keep Cincinnati Beautiful (KCB) are collaborating on a new project to beautify the city.

3CDC has been working on its own project to remove graffiti from urban areas, including sign boxes. To clean the units, he chose to partner with KCB, whose mission is to revitalize Cincinnati and maintain safety and cleanliness throughout the city. KCB has created various art projects to spruce up vacant and dilapidated areas of Cincinnati.

The organizations chose to collaborate, deciding to kill two birds with one stone by installing artwork on often vandalized downtown traffic boxes.

“3CDC Downtown Ambassadors spend a lot of time removing graffiti from chronically marked sign boxes,” said Marissa Reed, senior project manager at 3CDC, in a press release. “We’ve seen this model work well as a graffiti deterrent in other neighborhoods and are excited about the work we’ve done with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to bring a little splash of art to unexpected places in downtown. town.”

According to the release, the two organizations will modify 21 sign boxes around the city, which will be visible on Elm, Race, Vine, Walnut and Main streets between Central Parkway and Seventh Street starting this fall. 3CDC and KCB say they hope to extend the project to include signaling boxes in Outre-Rhin.

KCB will create the artwork affixed to the sign boxes, which will be Cincinnati-themed and feature iconic architecture, skylines and flying pigs to reflect downtown, culture and community. The art is inspired by classic wallpaper and will be physically wrapped around sign boxes, 3CDC says.

“The Traffic Box collaboration between KCB and 3CDC is another example of the two organizations working together to bring beauty, art and community pride to Cincinnati,” Jonathan Adee, executive director of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, said in the release. .

Joe Rudemiller, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at 3CDC, says CityBeat that the first installment of art was completed on September 27 at the corner of Elm and Central Parkway. “The remaining 20 enclosures that are part of the first phase will be installed over the next few weeks, with the goal of getting the 21 installed before BLINK,” Rudemiller said.

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