Adopting families of soldiers killed in action and more – BJP plans 8th anniversary of Modi government


New Delhi: Ministers, MPs and MPs adopting families of soldiers killed in action and pledging to redecorate their homes – this is part of BJP plans to mark the eighth anniversary of the Modi government taking office this month .

While the Modi government was sworn in for its first term on May 26, 2014, its second term began on May 30, 2019.

Among the activities that BJP leaders and workers have been asked to choose from are also lunch at a local influencer and door-to-door to showcase the achievements of the Modi government over the eight years.

MPs from the BJP, MLA, MLC, state officials and workers of the mandala-level and above were asked to conduct public awareness activities for 75 hours in their respective cabins, we learn.

“The party will showcase the political achievements of the past eight years,” a BJP official said.

As part of this exercise, a booklet-bulletin will be launched by BJP President JP Nadda.

“There will be several programs, including interaction with beneficiaries of social schemes. The party will also launch a rally called ‘Vikas Teerth Bike Rally’ in every district and visit all major infrastructure projects initiated by the Modi government,” a senior BJP official told ThePrint.

However, while the BJP will go to great lengths to showcase the successes of the longest-serving non-Congress government, government celebrations will be silent, senior government officials told ThePrint.

At the government level, the various ministries were invited to publish bulletins highlighting their achievements over the past eight years. Ministries were also asked to compare, as far as possible, the achievements with what had been achieved before 2014.

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“Dark Atmosphere”

The eighth anniversary comes against the backdrop of high inflation and rising unemployment figures across India. It will also coincide with a year of the deadly second wave of the Covid pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives across the country.

“The government is aware that its eighth year coincides with the first anniversary of the devastating second wave of Covid and that the national mood would be very gloomy at this time,” a senior government official said.

The official pointed out that hardly any family was spared from the pandemic.

“All other families would remember the deaths of near and dear ones during the second wave. Any communications related to the eighth anniversary must reflect this sensitivity,” the official said.

According to the official, the government is attentive to the national mood, but also to the high inflation, which is “worrying”. “Anniversary celebrations will need to balance these realities. You can’t be extravagant,” the official added.

Eight themes to mark eight years

To mark the eighth anniversary, the government has finalized eight major themes to highlight its achievements.

One of the themes will be ‘ease of living’, under which the government will showcase programs such as Ujjwala, direct transfer of benefits, Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana and Prime Minister Awas Yojana which have improved living standards poor.

“Although the whole world has been affected by the pandemic-induced economic crisis, the Modi government has worked for the welfare of 1.5 billion Indians by ensuring food and health security through vaccination and rations. free,” said a senior BJP member. “To mark this huge achievement, it was decided to launch a special campaign titled ‘8 Saal: Seva, Sushasan Aur Gareeb Kalyan (8 Years: Service, Good Administration and Welfare of the Poor)’.

As mentioned above, the party has also provided a list of activities for leaders and workers from which they can choose what to do.

These include door-to-door outreach with success stories, interactions with beneficiaries, donating a pot and sapling to beneficiaries on World Environment Day (5 june) and a ‘prabhat feri (morning rally)’ by the BJP Youth Brigade, among others.

“Apart from this, an outreach program among minorities will also be conducted in which the BJP minority morcha leader will talk about the minority-specific initiatives taken by the government,” a BJP leader said.

(Editing by Nida Fatima Siddiqui)

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