Alternative transport as fuel prices soar


People are on the move again as COVID-19 precautions ease, but we’re not seeing a drop in gasoline prices anytime soon.

The owners of Foothill Cycle in San Luis Obispo say it’s a bit like deja vu.

“We saw a lot of things like that in 2008 with rising gas prices,” said Josh Choen, owner of Foothill Cyclery.

The problem this time around is pandemic-related shortages.

“Inventories are a little tighter, actually a lot tighter,” Choen said.

Fuel prices are skyrocketing but have yet to impact the cycling industry. For one thing, it might be too soon, Choen said when gas prices rose in 2008, people didn’t turn to bikes until gas prices rose. Longer.

The second reason is the pandemic again, in 2020 bike sales skyrocketed as a thing to do during lockdown. Now people could dust them off, use them again. Others never stopped.

For those who can’t trade four wheels for two, there are programs to help.

SLO County has a rideshare website that offers alternatives to solo driving and offers a ridesharing service program.

“I-ride share is a carpooling platform that people use to find a carpool, basically you put information about where you’re going and maybe some criteria you have like time and others people who have a carpool in the same direction as you can match up and send a message like hey do you want to connect do you want to carpool with me,” explained Mallory Jenkins, carpool program manager.

In addition to the carpooling service, they offer many alternatives that might suit your lifestyle. To learn more, click here.


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