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Summer times are holiday times, this is known long ago. It is this time of year that we finally get to enjoy our holiday days and hopefully manage to gather family or friends and relax in the sun. It is also not uncommon to go abroad during holiday times and we all know for sure that this can cost some money.

Borrowing money to travel is common and very effective – of course, provided you have the resources to pay back. And once you have taken out a loan to travel, it is important not to break the budget and have to borrow more money. Therefore, we have gathered some tips that can be useful if you want to keep a close eye on your budget during the trip.

Set up a budget

Set up a budget

Before you start thinking about destinations and dates, it is important to look over your budget, whether you have saved money or plan to take out a loan. One mistake that most people make when setting a budget is to underestimate costs. A good example of this is food.

Food costs are often more expensive than you think – especially when traveling. Try to set up a realistic budget based on your resources and preferably round up rather than down. This way you have a little margin on your budget which may feel unnecessary at first but nice towards the end as it often goes out even more and you do not have to pull over your budget.

Many people easily forget about the economic aspects of their destination before leaving. By investigating the destination in question, you can quickly read up on what is cheap and what is expensive. Then you can avoid any “shocks” to the wallet.

Withdraw cash and exchange money in advance


If you plan to go abroad on holiday, it is always good to have the cash in cash, if you have a really good track of your things. Using your card is completely possible in many parts of the world, but it is all about a security issue. For example, if you shop for food, souvenirs or similar in smaller stores, it may be risky to use your card even if the opportunity exists. As a rule, it is recommended that you only use your card in larger and competent stores abroad. Therefore, withdraw cash / exchange money before leaving.

Review your mobile subscription

When you come home from your trip it is easy to think that all expenses are accounted for and clear. However, it is not uncommon for an unpleasant cell phone bill to come as a literal letter on the mail. It is probably not unknown that the prices for calls and surf are higher when you go abroad – however it is not uncommon to forget this. Depending on where to go and what type of accommodation you choose, WiFi is not always a matter of course and it is easy to rely on 3G networks. Contact your operator in advance and make sure you have information on what prices apply.

Make a list of possible activities and purchases


Another thing you can do to keep track of, as well as plan your expenses, is to review what you want to do and buy. Maybe you and your travel company are real adventurers who like adventures, or it is shopping that is on the schedule. Regardless of which, it may be good to investigate any services and experiences in advance. By doing this, you can plan your budget and find any discounts and reduced prices.


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