Armed robbers rob mountain bikers in the Oakland Hills


Armed robbers are targeting mountain bikers in the hills of Oakland, arresting some as they ride along trails and stealing their bikes at gunpoint, authorities said.

The Oakland Police Department said it responded to three armed robberies in the past month, calling the robberies an “alarming trend,” SFGate reported Tuesday.

The East Bay Regional Parks Police Department also said it responded to an armed robbery of a bicyclist in the Oakland Hills.

During a March 29 robbery, a woman was mountain biking in the hills of Oakland when three thieves approached her on a trail that runs along Skyline Boulevard and demanded that she return her bike while one of them was pointing a gun at his face.

Two days later, two riders were sitting in a car parked near a trail in Joaquin Miller Park when two thieves pulled a mountain bike from the back of the car, police said. One of the passengers exited the vehicle and was greeted by a robber pointing a gun at his face.

In another robbery on April 6, a car pulled up next to two mountain bikers on Skyline Boulevard near the Sequoia Bayview Trail. Two armed people jumped out of the vehicle and claimed the bikes. The thieves then loaded the bikes into their car and drove off, police said.

Later in the day, the East Bay Regional Parks Police Department said they responded to a robbery in the Clyde Woolridge staging area at the corner of Skyline and Grass Valley Road which they believe is linked to the robberies making investigated by Oakland police.

“The department remains vigilant to the numerous incidents in Oakland and urges you to be aware of your surroundings at all times,” Oakland police said. “Don’t get distracted by your electronic devices. Do not resist. The property can be replaced.


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