Axios called for an article gushing about the senator delaying Biden’s agenda


Senator Kyrsten Sinema has sparked a lot of anger in recent days as she opposed the Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion bill to extend America’s social safety net – which, in turn, blocks a separate $ 1 trillion bipartisan bill to improve the country’s infrastructure.

What makes progressives particularly angry is that Ms. Sinema has not even said why. While her de facto partner, Senator Joe Manchin, continued to negotiate with the Democrats, Ms Sinema reportedly gave no details on how she might come up with ‘yes’, making her obstruction not only impenetrable but aimlessly discernible. .

Friday, the DC-based news site Axes entered the fray with a glowing profile of the Arizona senator, highlighting her John McCain-style maverick character with a penchant for triathlons, wine, and funky clothing.

“Sen Kyrsten Sinema’s political allies have free advice for anyone trying to intimidate the wine-drinking triathlete into supporting President Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion budget bill,” he added. . Axes writes scribe Hans Nichols. “She’s breaking Washington rules – and she’s ready to go.”

On Twitter, readers weren’t impressed.

“Oh, she rides a bike and drinks wine,” a sarcastic observer commented. “I had no idea! That changes everything. Thank you very much.”

“Drinking wine is not a personality trait, and the ‘harassment’ you refer to (which most would simply call ‘holding a politician to account’) has had more results in the past week than treatment with children’s gloves in the last 6 months ”, another nodded.

” What is that ? ” someone else demand simply.

Another politician, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, a member of the Chicago city council, also intervened.

“Harassment? Is she twelve at a slumber party?” Mr. Ramirez-Rosa wrote. “She is an American senator. My constituents don’t “intimidate” me when they push me to vote in one way or another, they engage in constitutionally protected speech.

Others were skeptical of “political allies” Axes noted.

“Weird how axios could not register a single ally and the article does not mention any by name,” a Twitter user wrote.

“’Krysten Sinema’s allies’ – you mean Republicans? ” another demand.

The independent reached out to Axes for comment, but has not yet received a response.

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