Belgian startup launches rally kit for Husqvarna 701


The Belgian adventure and off-road bike specialist Adventure-Bike.Be presents its new accessories for the Husqvarna 701 and KTM 690 enduro machines. The new rally kit further increases the versatility of these enduros by offering options additional luggage, accessory racks and wind protection. The Rally Kit is a bolted accessory and does not require any drilling. The best part? It is much cheaper than other kits on the market.

The Adventure-Bike.Be Rally Kit for the Husky 701 and KTM 690 is currently on sale for only US $ 792 through January 14, 2022. By then, the price will have increased to US $ 905, which still very good value for money, considering the kit you get. It consists of a plug-and-play frame mounted assembly that does not require any additional modification to your bike. It is designed in such a way that all your navigation tools such as your GPS device, smartphone and other gadgets remain visible and easy to access, should you need to change the route.

The rally kit also comes with a clear windshield for much needed wind protection on long off-road rides. It is made from Lexan and is guaranteed to withstand the severe impacts of continued off-road use. It mounts directly to the rally navigation tower, which is made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant 5083 aluminum. The structure has been coated in black powder to remain subtle and blend in perfectly with the aesthetics of the bike.

For added versatility, especially at night, the Rally Kit comes with two 3000 lumen LED lights which effectively replace the original motorcycle lighting system. Both LED lights have high and low bam functionality. The Rallye kit also comes with pre-drilled holes on the sides, making it compatible with 12 volt outlets for charging your devices on the go. The entire kit is easy to take apart, making it easy to clean and maintain your bike.

Belgian startup launches rally kit for Husqvarna 701

Adventure-Bike.Be offers many other offroad and rally accessories for other motorcycles such as the KTM 390, 790 and 890 Adventure, as well as the Yamaha Ténéré 700, all of which offer additional versatility and long distance. capabilities for your rugged ADV machines. Make sure to visit their official site in the source links below.


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