Belsize presents a new concept of children’s bike to transform children into confident cyclists


A more affordable, super light and high quality kids bike that is a game changer for families and the cycling industry.

For a young girl or boy, nothing beats the feeling of receiving and riding their very first bike. The usual choice for parents is to buy one from the big box stores or go big and invest in famous brands. But now, Belsize Kids’ Bike is finally bringing a game-changer to the industry – its more affordable, super-lightweight bikes specifically designed for young riders.

Riding a heavy bike is not ideal. Not only is it difficult to maneuver, but it also does not stop well. Imagine how difficult it could be for children, especially if they are just starting to learn how to ride one. In fact, every kilogram of weight on a children’s bike is equivalent to 10 kilograms on an adult bike. And typically, every kid’s bike is made from the same heavy metal that’s used to make adult bikes. This is where Belsize Kids’ Bike makes the difference as its design uses a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, allowing children to easily maneuver left and right.

With a vision of wanting children to grow into confident riders, Belsize Kids’ Bikes is committed to eliminating common issues and problems with children’s bicycles that are currently available on the market. And in their effort to do just that, they’ve created a new concept bike that kids will love and parents will love. Along with their high quality, lightweight aluminum alloy frame, they have also incorporated other features that are guaranteed to be kid friendly. Designed by engineers and cyclists themselves, Belsize children’s bikes feature a rubber belt, as well as hand brakes, available in 16 and 20 inch options. Their bikes are also very easy to assemble so young owners can ride it as soon as its gears are positioned in the right place. With the quality and convenience it offers, kids will surely have a blast.

More and more children are riding with confidence on Belsize children’s bikes. Now kids can experience the happiness brought by a good bike that could take them on all their childhood adventures in the park or through the woods. And it’s true, young children who have gotten their hands on their Belsize bikes are extremely ecstatic and proud to own one. It’s time for youngsters to gear up and get ready for the ultimate riding experience of a lifetime. For more information on Belsize kids bikes and their revolutionary concept bikes, check out their website at

About Belsize Children’s Bike

Belsize Kids’ Bike is a brand that offers safe, hassle-free and fun-to-ride bikes specially designed for children. Their bikes are available in 16 and 20 inch options which are both made with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, maintenance free belt drive and safe dual hand brakes.

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