New sporty fingerprint lock included in CES innovation awards showcase

LOS ANGELES, January 8, 2022 / PRNewswire / – After a long hiatus of in-person protests due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, CEO and founder of BenjiLock Robbie cabral returned to CES this week to share the company’s latest products with show attendees. Most notably, Cabral and the team are offering guests the chance to test out BenjiLock’s sporty fingerprint lock. CES attendees can view BenjiLock products at the Venetian Exhibition booth # 53732, alongside investor Shark Tank Kevin o’leary and Hampton Products International.

The “Fingerprint Sport Lock” is BenjiLock’s latest padlock innovation for fitness and health enthusiasts with a touch of fashion to unlock your style.

BenjiLock Sport Fingerprint Lock, created for fitness and health enthusiasts, allows users to securely lock their personal items at school, work, gym or on the go. The lightweight and innovative padlock received accolades in November when it was nominated CES® 2022 Innovation Award Winner in two of the 27 product categories of the competition: Fitness & Sports and Accessibility. The awards are currently on display at the Innovation Awards Showcase at Venetian Expo, Halls AC, Booth # 52952. In addition to these awards, the Fingerprint Sport Lock was included as one of the standout new products in the pre-show edition of CES Daily.

Although in-person events have been on hold since march 2020, Cabral and many other entrepreneurs were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to network again. Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) explained how this in-person connection is essential to innovation in a recent post on LinkedIn.

“At CES, we promote new entrepreneurs with a huge, subsidized section of the show, Eureka Park, where hundreds of start-ups from around the world can connect and thrive or learn and adapt,” Shapiro said. “Ask Robbie Cabral, Founder and CEO of BenjiLock, an immigrant who lost his job while his wife was pregnant. Robbie frequently talks about how Eureka Park has transformed her business from an idea to a business.”

“Without CES, BenjiLock would never have been as successful as it is today,” Cabral said. “It’s been tough going so many months without sharing our padlock technology with new audiences, and I couldn’t be more excited to be doing the in-person demonstrations again at CES this week. “

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About BenjiLock
Situated at Los Angeles, California, and founded in 2014 by an inventor and an entrepreneur Robbie cabral, BenjiLock has redefined the personal security experience with hybrid technology with the consumer in mind. Featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Robbie cabral landed Kevin o’leary as an investor with a 15% stake in the company, catapulting the potential and success of BenjiLock by entering into a licensing partnership with Hampton Products International, the leader in security and hardware innovations and manufacturer of BRINKS locks . Through this strategic partnership, BenjiLock has been able to use over 30 years of experience from Hampton Products International to continue production and manufacturing, elevating the brand to unprecedented levels. Today, BenjiLock’s fingerprint technology extends to a product portfolio, including an upcoming line of bicycle locks, the next generation of padlocks, drawer cabinets and cabinet locks, as well as ‘a whole new range of smart door locks.

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