BMW Motorrad North America Riding Clothing 2022


Personal News Cycle | February 9, 2022

BMW Motorrad North America has released its 2022 collections of riding gear.

Here are the highlights of the vast new selection, starting with a video that covers each new collection:

the Connected to life The range includes parts that are built with practical rider protection features but have polished lines to look good when off the bike. The line includes the Barcelona GTX Suitwhich is worn over street clothes and which is both waterproof and breathable thanks to three layers of Gore-Tex Pro material.

The new sporty style GS Karakum GTX the suit has a slimmer fit and includes three layers for riding in all weather conditions.

the Never stop challenging collection are for track and canyoning, and include the M Pro Race Comp leathers that come in a classic BMW color and matching gloves. The fitted one-piece suit is made of 100% Nappa cowhide leather and protectors are found at the shoulders, back, elbows, hips and knees. A spoiler optimizes aerodynamics and stretch inserts ensure freedom of movement. In addition, the suit is prepared for the use of an upper body airbag.

(Left to right) The Barcelona GTX suit, ideal for commuters; the GS Rallye GTX for men and women; the GS Karakum GTX in blue; and the M Pro Race Comp wetsuit.

the Spirit of GS Gear Line has the traditional BMW flavor with contemporary tweaks. These include the GS Rally GTX costume (for the first time also for women) and the GS Rally AIR wetsuit, which is made for riding in hot weather.

Men’s and women’s versions of the GS Rally GTX (left to right) and GS Rally AIR two-piece suits.
(Left to right) The Outsert GS Rallye GTX in blue and khaki; the Outsert GS Karakum GTX in khaki.

the Soulfuel range is the retro-racer style line, with items like the Schwabing jacket for men and women and the new Moabit and Kreuzberg jeans being the highlights.

(Below, clockwise from top left corner) Dahlem The jacket is made of high quality cowhide leather and is partially perforated for better ventilation. the PureXcursion The jacket is made from a cotton and polyamide blend with a waxed finish. The Club Leather jacket, here in black and red, now has a new design and a new name, the Schwabing. It is made of high quality cowhide leather and has NP Flex protectors on the shoulders and elbows. the Mail is a quilted overshirt with a light and trendy look. the summer tour The overshirt jacket is crafted from Cordura denim and has a front zip concealed by a snap button strip.

the Ride and Share Line are part of BMW’s new “Make Life a Ride” campaign, and has the new Furka two-piece leather suit (bottom left), which is a modern take on BMW’s classic Atlantis suit. the Charlottenburg Two-piece leather suit (bottom right), in the Soulfuel line, is inspired by a classic cruiser look.

(Below, left to right) Kreuzberg The jeans are made of Selvedge Cordura denim in a comfortable fit.
the Moabit The jeans are made of elastic Cordura denim in a fashionable, slim fit. The light Pure Rider The pants have NP Flex protectors on the knees and hips and have seven outside pockets and one inside pocket.

(Below, left to right) M Pro Race Comp boots are designed to ride on the track.
the Pro Race GTX Boots have Gore-Tex membranes that make them windproof and waterproof.
the KnittingRunning the sneakers include breathable 3D knit technology with Level 1 protection in footwear certification.

(Below, left to right) Pankow boots 100% cowhide leather are characterized by their high functionality and contrasting copper details such as buckles and zippers. A long zip on the calf and heel makes it easy to put on and take off the boot. the Sound GTX boots are modern style, wind and waterproof high-tech hiking boots with Gore Surround technology. The well ventilated Pillon AIR the summer boots have completely new inner and outer materials.

(Above, clockwise from top left corner) M Pro Race Comp the high performance gloves are designed for use on the circuit. the Pro Race Gloves have been upgraded. The new windproof and waterproof system Silvretta GTX winter gloves offer the best possible insulation against cold and humidity. the GS Rally the gloves are available in midnight blue and khaki, matching the colors of the GS Rallye GTX suit, and also in black. The waterproof Furka GTX leather gloves to match the new Furka leather suit.

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