BMW Unveils Two Custom R 18s at Verona Motor Bike Expo


BMW Motorrad has unveiled a pair of unique R 18 motorcycles at the Verona Motor Bike Expo.

The first creation is called BMW R 18 M and was developed by the Italian magazine LowRide and the manufacturer American Dreams. The LowRide editorial team decided to give the R 18 a sportier and more streamlined appearance while drawing inspiration from the world of motorsport.

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The red, blue and purple paint scheme that adorns the motorcycle immediately catches the eye. It also includes a valve cover, intake ducts and other carbon fiber parts. American Dreams also fitted the bike with new exhaust pipes that feature nickel-plated shafts. Various changes have been made to the chassis, suspension and bodywork of the R 18, while the saddle is upholstered in new, plush leather.

The second motorcycle unveiled by BMW at the Verona Motor Bike Expo is the R 18 Aurora. It was brought to life by Garage 221 and transforms the R 18 into a traditional cruiser with wraparound wings.

When creating the bike, Garage 221 borrowed the saddle from a 2005 BMW 1200 C and also designed the “Batwing” brackets from the turn signals of a 1982 R 100 and part of the rear frame from a 1991 K 75. The bike’s shade of red was also borrowed from a 1983 RT 100 and many key parts were entirely hand-built.

Garage 221 worked with Leo Vince to design a custom exhaust system for the bike and also fitted it with an oil cooler grille inspired by various 1960s BMW cars.

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