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OLCC: Don’t call it “Control”

The governing body for alcohol and buds in Oregon has been busy throughout the pandemic, first allowing restaurants and bars to make take-out drinks in a temporary COVID-era rule , and later changing its name from Oregon Liquor Control Commission to Oregon Alcohol and Cannabis Commission — you know, just to be clear on exactly, exactly what that commission controls. In its 2021 session, in cooperation with the OLCC, the Oregon legislature passed a law that allows companies with full-on-premises sales licenses to continue to sell cocktails and single servings. of wine to take away. These companies can now also sell sealed take-out containers of malt beverages, wine and cider, starting in early June, a rule that will now not go away with the end of the pandemic. As with the temporary rule, drinks must be accompanied by the order of a “substantial food” and there is a limit of two drinks per food.

  • Courtesy Craft Beer Marketing Award
  • Worthy Brewing crushed him for a gold medal.

Beer Marketing Prices Are One Thing

Craft beer makers in and around Bend often receive awards for the beer they make, and now they also receive awards for the marketing that goes along with those beers. The organizers of the Craft Beer Marketing Awards announced on August 18 that three Bend breweries have won awards that recognize “the art, design and retail marketing efforts behind craft beer.” The competition is the “first of its kind globally,” said its organizers.

Crux Fermentation Project won a Platinum Award in the Best Bottle Design category for the design of its Gypsy Coolship series, featuring hand-drawn illustrations by artist Bend Sweet Pea Cole. (The beer itself was a cool wild-fermenting beer project in a “coolship” open at various notable locations in central Oregon.)

10Barrel won a platinum award in the Best Merchandise / Sustainable or Innovative Design category for her t-shirt collaboration with Northwest graphic designer and mountain biker girl Brooklyn Bell. And Worthy Brewing won a Gold Award in the Wild Card / Coolest Taproom category, earning the nod for its star-studded “Hopservatory”, DrinkUp DreamOn Outdoor stage, and greenhouse and gardens. A total of 14 awards were presented to companies in Oregon as part of the awards.

Rewards for canned cocktails

Not quite in the beer business, but made by the 10Barrel brewing team are the canned cocktails that have just won numerous awards at the American Distilling Institute’s Spirit Awards. The 10 Barrel team took home a gold medal for their Greyhound, a “certified craft blending spirit” that you may have seen floating around central Oregon from time to time. Four other 10Barrel craft blended spirits have won silver medals, including Bloody Mary, Classic Margarita, Lemongrass Lime Vodka Soda and Moscow Mule. The awards were presented at the ADI conference in Louisville, Ky., August 24-25. These canned cocktails get high marks from the Weekly Source team of drinkers, too.


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