Buellvana is not an exciting new bike, but the path to a Hammerhead 1190. Price inside


On November 1, the reborn Buell will be reborn with the start of production of the Hammerhead 1190. But a new bike and a new company also needs new ways of doing business, and that’s where the Buellvana comes in.

Buellvana is what the company calls its new online reservation systems, the tool customers need to reserve one of their new bikes. It, too, just announced Buell, will go live on November 1, allowing people to express their interest in the Hammerhead.

We are promised three simple steps to getting the bike of our dreams. The first is the reservation of a production window, the second requires confirmation of the chosen configuration (which will be confirmed directly by the company as the production window approaches), and the third makes the payment and arranges the delivery. local.

“We have tested the Buellvana model for the past 3 years and it works perfectly. “
Buell CEO Bill Melvin said in a statement.

“Customers want an easy transaction and a product delivered directly to their community. Dealers want happy customers, a manufacturer who helps them solve their problems, with the ability to maintain their profit margins. Buellvana succeeds and will be a model of the future for manufacturers.

According to Buell, reserving a production slot costs just $ 25 and will also net you a Buell hat. On top of that, customers will have to add the cost of the motorcycle. There will be two, the Carbon Fiber Hammerhead 1190 priced at $ 18,995 and the Carbon Fiber 1190 SX which will retail from $ 17,995.

The two bikes will share the same gear, which means a 72-degree V-Twin engine capable of developing 185 horsepower and 101.6 ft-lbs of torque. At its lightest, the Hammerhead weighs less than 200kg which means 419 pounds and makes the two-wheeler a solid proposition for people in the market for a new ride.

As said, the Buellvana will go live on the website November 1.


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