Calcutta: rogue biker becomes ambassador of “Safe Drive, Save Life” campaign



Mohammad Shakeeb, 22, has 42,000 Instagram followers and runs a YouTube channel called official_madpilot where he posted videos of his fast bike rides.

Mohammad Shakeeb, 22, has 42,000 Instagram followers and operates a YouTube channel called official_madpilot. (Photo credits: Suryagni Roy / India Today)

A student who posted videos of his fast bike rides in the city of Kolkata on social media has been named a “Safe Drive, Save Life” campaign ambassador by the Bidhhanagar traffic police.

Mohammad Shakeeb, 22, who has 42,000 Instagram followers and runs a YouTube channel by the name of official_madpilot, used to post videos of himself cycling at speeds of up to 180 km / h through the city. In the videos, he was seen riding his green Kawasaki sports bike and breaking the speed limit rules.

However, when the Bidhannagar traffic police asked him to transform, he transformed and later became an ambassador for the Safe Driving Campaign.

“I’ve been speeding my bike for a long time. I did stunts on them too. I got tickets for breaking the rules, but when I got a call from the police department, I got scared. Later, when the deputy commissioner made me realize that a tragic incident could destroy my family, I understood that what I was doing was stupid, ”Shakeeb told India Today.

Shakeeb told India Today that after being advised by the police department, he realized that since a large part of the youth followed him on social media, he was also putting the lives of these young people on the line. danger.

“I understood that a lot of people are trying to do what I do in the videos. So I was risking their lives as well,” Shakeeb said.

Last week, Shakeeb was named “main guest” at an event in New Town where he was asked to lead a motorcycle rally in New Town at a slow pace to encourage safe riding habits among motorcyclists. Shakeeb, since then, advocates the practice of driving safely and living a safe life.

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