Carbon County GOP passes resolution declaring Cheney no longer represents them


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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Joining its Park County counterparts, the Carbon County Republican Party officially revoked its recognition of U.S. Representative Liz Cheney as its representative.

The group passed a resolution to rescind its recognition of Cheney at a meeting on Saturday.

“To advance her own personal political agenda, Representative Liz Cheney not only caused massive disruption, distraction and division within the Republican House Conference, but also willingly, cheerfully and vigorously joined forces and proudly pledged allegiance to the Democratic President to house her [Nancy] Pelosi, as a way to serve his own personal interests while ignoring the interests, needs and expectations of Republicans in Wyoming, ”the Carbon County resolution said.

Carbon County Republican Party Chairman Joey Correnti IV noted in an interview with former Donald Trump staff Steve Bannon that the group no longer recognizes her as a Republican, although he knows that she is still legally the representative of Wyoming.

“There is no law or rule that prevents the party from giving recognition as a member of the party,” he said. “We are the party. We are the representative voices of the party people.

In addition, the Uinta County Republican Party is considering rescinding its recognition of Cheney at its meeting on Monday night, according to a social media post.

Correnti said the decision to no longer recognize Cheney came after the group assessed the situation following censorship against him earlier this year.

“Liz Cheney didn’t quit and she didn’t listen to people’s voices,” he said. “With the escalation of his misaligned focus, instead of dealing with America’s issues and Wyoming issues, continually focusing on a president who is no longer in office … we decided to accelerate his party exodus. ”

He noted that it was a unanimous decision among the county organization.

Cheney has faced a backlash from Wyoming and National Republicans since he voted earlier this year to impeach former President Donald Trump over claims he inspired the crowd during a Jan.6 speech for invade the United States Capitol.

Several other county-level Republican parties voted to censor Cheney for his actions.

She was also removed from her post as Speaker of the Republican Conference of the United States House due to her “exit from the ranks” of the party.

Cheney is also on a committee investigating the January 6 riot, a position for which she was chosen by Pelosi.

The Park County Republican Party was the first in Wyoming to no longer recognize Cheney as its representative last week.

“In short, and in the immortal words of our 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump…” YOU ARE FIRED! “,” the Park County group wrote in its letter to Cheney last week.

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