Carefully modified Royal Enfield Classic 350 bobber


Royal Enfield motorcycles are very popular among motorists in India and across the world. These modern retro looking motorcycles have a large fan base and over the years Royal Enfield has improved the motorcycle in terms of build quality, refinement and even functionality. All this without losing its character. The Classic 350 is still one of the most popular motorcycles from the Royal Enfield stable and it is a motorcycle that holds many modification potentials. We have seen several custom built Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycles online and many of them on our website. Here we have such a custom Classic 350 motorcycle from Neev Motorcycles.

The video was uploaded by Royal Enfield on its YouTube channel. This motorcycle has been modified by Neev Motorcycles as part of Royal Enfield’s Custom World initiative. As part of this initiative, bike modification shops were invited to submit a custom motorcycle based on a Classic 350. The one built by Neev Motorcycles is called “Divine”. The Classic 350 motorcycle was modified into a bobber-style motorcycle under this concept. They took a current-generation Classic 350 motorcycle and completely transformed it. The idea behind this project was to make the bike loud while maintaining its sleek look.

They start by removing all the panels that weren’t needed in the bike. The original headlight, exhausts, seats, front and rear fenders, turn signals have all been removed along with the side panels. Once all the panels were removed they started working on getting a bobber look on the bike. They wanted to give the bike a low profile look and one way to achieve this was to increase the wheelbase of the bike. They cut off the stock swingarm and lengthened it. The original wheels of the motorcycle have been retained. The chrome wire rims were all painted black and they were now wrapped in big chunky looking balloon tires.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 custom built by Neev Motorcycles is called

The front forks of this bike were all blacked out. These are the same units as the stock bike. A spare headlight unit is placed in front. It’s smaller than what the bike originally had. There are also small aftermarket turn signals placed on either side of the headlight. One of the main attractions of this motorcycle is the fuel tank. This is a custom made unit and it took them about 7 days to complete the tank. There are bespoke design elements on the tank as well as gold stripes on it.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 custom built by Neev Motorcycles is called

The entire motorcycle carries a black theme with gold accents. Some of the components of this motorcycle are made of brass which has a natural golden color. These custom made brass elements also feature engravings. As for the seat, the bike now gets a low-slung single seat wrapped in a leather cover. The rear lights and turn signals are placed under the saddle. The custom engine and exhaust are all finished in black. The motorcycle also comes with a bespoke mudguard and front and rear disc brakes. The motorcycle is definitely a feast for the eyes of anyone who appreciates a custom motorcycle.


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