Christmas bike rally in Bangalore, Karnataka with 100 women dressed as Santa Claus


The rally was organized by ‘She for Society’, an NGO led by women


Over 100 bikers dressed in Santa Claus costumes took part in a rally in Bengaluru over Christmas today. Participants toured the city on their bikes decorated with holly, bells and Santa Claus stickers.

The rally was organized by “She for Society”, a women-led NGO, who organized rallies for the well-being of the families of military ex-combatants, especially those who lost their lives or took their lives. retirement.

Saturday’s rally raised funds to establish a computer center in the village of Kollar in Karnataka for the children of former army combatants.

About 5,000 families associated with the defense forces reside in Kollar district, or 35 to 40 families in each village in the district.

NGO founder Harshini Venkatesh told NDTV: “We have provided 200 solar kits to these families in two years by organizing such fundraising rallies.”

“In the village of Belmande in Kollar, there are around 50 families of army veterans. The village does not even have a single computer training center for children. We plan to set up a computer training center next month. The rally allowed us to get seven computers from sponsors. , but we need a lot more things like the UPS and a little bit of money to set up the Center. We also have other people’s money, ”Ms. Venkatesh said.


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