Credit House has joined the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment


Good Finance successfully passed the verification of activities in the area of ​​hiring new employees and thus was admitted to the group of members of the Friendly Recruitment Coalition.

Promoting good practices and applying the highest standards in recruitment are the main goals of the Coalition for Granted Recruitment.

Joining the Coalition

Involves with the implementation by the company of Of the Code of Good Practice in Recruitment, which sets out the directions of conduct in the process of employing employees. The presence in the ranks of the organization confirms that the company approaches employing new employees fairly, with attention to all details and ethical standards.

Therefore, the Coalition logotype is a proof for candidates that the company communicates with potential employees in an appropriate way, is open to contact with the candidate, clearly formulates job offers by placing specific information about the position and expectations, as well as ensures confidentiality and data security of candidates.

The recruitment process

Is extremely important for the company and the employee. At E-Money Credit House, we assume that recruitment does not have to be stressful. Looking for a job is in itself a nervous and often tedious undertaking. That is why we decided that in our company hiring new people will be efficient and comfortable for potential employees.

For years, we have been applying a policy of recruitment transparency and security, which we have decided to emphasize by joining the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment, because in our opinion the use of good practices in the employment process is a manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

At the same time

It positively affects the perception of the company by potential employees, and also helps in the process of acquiring the best employees – explains Paweł Skurski, HR Director, Good Finance

Good Finance is gradually expanding its team. The company currently employs over 600 employees and associates. The company has already been appreciated many times for its personnel policy, which is confirmed by numerous awards, including 1st place in the 7th edition of the Best Employer 2012 Research (BNP) prepared by AON Hewitt.


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