Daredevil woman defies odds as she takes part in motorcycle rally seven years after car accident


After being admitted to the hospital, she was assured that she only suffered bruises and was discharged shortly after, but as time passed and Vanessa was in chronic pain, she took her health. in hand and went to see many specialists.

She had to undergo seven hip and shoulder reconstructive surgeries, as well as being diagnosed with multiple mental health conditions and fear of the road.

Vanessa Ruck

Before her accident, Vanessa, 35, was a physically fit woman who cycled to work every day, waterboarded, surfed and went to the gym every week.

Vanessa said: “Before the accident, you probably would have called me an adrenaline junkie.”

“If you had told me six or seven years ago that in a few years and so many surgeries later, I would be racing motorcycles, I probably would have choked on my drink.”

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Vanessa Ruck

In 2016, while recovering from one of her operations, where she was bedridden, Vanessa woke up one day with the idea of ​​getting on a dirt bike and with months of determination and rehabilitation, she was finally able to get in the saddle and hit the road with his bike and overcome his fear.

After a traumatic past, Vanessa has now defied all odds and completed the Dinaric Rally, which is a tough motorcycle race through Croatia and Bosnia, and she came 37th in the standings.

She was the first woman to compete on a motorcycle and she said the challenge was the “hardest” thing she had done.

Vanessa Ruck after the accident

She added: “I will never fully escape my past, but I will definitely find ways to adapt, let go of my own excuses and keep fighting.” I’ll never race again, but hey, who needs to race when you have a motorcycle.


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