Darrvin’s Crest Hardtail e-MTB possibly wins gold as most versatile electric bike



In the spirit of Travel Month, I decided to shed some light on what could be one of the most affordable, versatile, and top performing e-MTBs on the market. But to think of the Darrvin Crest as just an ATV would be an understatement, as this vehicle is suitable for a range of uses from commuting to hiking, in town and, of course, in the mountains.

Now Darrvin Electric is a store in South Africa specializing in electric bikes. No, it’s not a team that woke up one day and started making electric bikes, but rather the co-founders Gert Stander and Gustav Erlank are two gentlemen with a long history of cycling behind them.

Mr. Stander has held several positions with Giant Bicycles, and Mr. Erlank has successfully run a cycle touring business for years. After a few business deals, the two thought they had what it takes to give the e-bike market a run for its money. With a recent business expansion that has even landed in North America, they seem to be hitting all the right marks.

Looking at the Crest, the frame may remind you of another Darrvin team electric bike, the Peak 2. If the two are placed side by side you might be hard pressed to find any major differences in the frame construction. But a standout feature is that massive down tube that hides a built-in battery. Internal cable routing is also a feature the team implemented on this bike.

Like most e-bikes, two major systems are essential for a successful trip, the motor and the battery. For the Crest, Darrvin decided to go with an affordable yet powerful 350-watt Bafang M420 mid-engine. If you ever find yourself on the Bafang website, they say this little powerhouse can produce a whopping 80 Nm (59 lb-ft) of torque.

As for the battery system, this down tube hides a Darrvin Insider battery with 500 Wh of juice. Riding under certain conditions and with a 70 kg (154 lb) rider, this battery should carry you up to 120 km (74.5 mi), more than enough for really nice rides.

The rest of the drivetrain is covered by Shimano, with some components being Altus, some Rapid Fire, but the main attraction of the Crest is its ability to transform into a bike suitable for almost any occasion.

Several things you can choose from when spending the 41,212 South African Rand or $ 2,797 at current exchange rates (excluding shipping) on ​​this bike, are plenty of extras aimed at bringing your bike rides up to standard. superior. You can add branded clip-on fenders, luggage rack, trunk bag, side stand and even change your tires.

These options help you ride further and do it all the more comfortably. Different fenders are available for different occasions, while the luggage racks and trunk bag allow you to bring any extra gear or gear to help you play outside for longer.

Since most cyclists are not gold medalist cyclists, Ridge seems to hit all the right notes to make sure it ends up in as many hands as possible. With that kind of price tag and components, considering this beast for your next “all-rounder” purchase could be one of the smartest things you do all year round.



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