Devou Good Foundation Urges to Attend KYTC Open Day at KY 8 Licking River Bridge


The Devou Good Foundation, a nonprofit organization that strives to cultivate vibrant and equitable neighborhoods, urges attendance at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Open House at the KY 8 Licking River Bridge.

It will take place March 30 from 4-6 p.m. in the Riedlin-Schott Room at the Kenton County Government Center.

KYTC invites feedback to help inform decision-making throughout phases of the bridge project, and the Devou Good Foundation believes the bridge should be designed with all travelers in mind.

The vital link between Newport and Covington, across the Licking River, “should become the best example of promoting active transportation by welcoming people on foot and by bike in a safe, efficient and friendly way. We hope to take the bikes off the pavement and ride them on a wide multi-use trail that connects to the road network, Riverfront Commons and the Licking River Greenway. A path that also encourages people to soak up the views and socialize, adding to the vibrancy of our region.

The Foundation envisions an iconic, well-designed bridge that encourages cycling and pedestrian activity while minimizing traffic lanes based on data. Research indicates that it would have health benefits, provide fairness in transportation, improve neighborhood quality of life, boost the economy and strengthen our sustainability.

For more information, visit or see the NKyTribune story here.

The DeVou Good Foundation also offers the area’s first e-bike incentive program and the $500 discounts are still available to residents of the five NKY river towns and ten Cincinnati zip codes. Details on the discount program are here:


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