Discovery Ride, the icing on the cake at Strider Fest


RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – The wind in your hair, your sunglasses and the sound of a loud engine. It’s been a few weeks since the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, but Strider Fest has given over 150 kids the chance to celebrate their motorcycles. Even if the noise of an engine came from the noise of a kid.

Strider Fest is a mix of competition and exploration. One day the kids are running on Main Street Square and the next they are exploring the trails of Outdoor Campus – West in Rapid City. The campus helps children associate cycling with outdoor exploration.

“Connecting kids to nature, knowing that riding a bike doesn’t have to be a race, but it can also be fun exploring the environment, getting to know, you know, just doing one with nature. Just getting out there and being outside is a very important part of cycling,” said Ali Bice, Events Specialist at Strider Bikes.

Walking the pathways of the outdoor campus, a scavenger hunt helps kids find every corner of campus. “Having different plants or bugs and things like that on the scavenger hunt, so kids can look around and get to know, yeah, nature.”

Hidden along the trails were golden tickets, which offered children a special prize. A fanny pack shaped bag that attaches to their bag.

For some kids, the hills on campus have helped them gain significant speed or practice wheelies. “If they want to do a few laps, they can do that too. So yeah, it’s just a great day to enjoy the outdoors,” Bice laughed.

Cycling all day drains children’s energy, but Bice says it can be great for meeting other families. “Let everyone feel the sense of community that we love to provide and also see others, meet other families who have kids on their Striders, so they can get out there and ride together again.”

Once the kids have explored the campus and hiked some of the hills, Bice hopes the kids will: “Feel confident to hike these trails, you know they might not have explored if they didn’t. had not taken this training from an early age. »


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