‘Distressing’ footage of the new King Street cycle lane – oh wait, it’s ok; Cav approaches the king; Ganna loses the time trial, the world panics; Presca launches new eco-friendly basecoat and more on liveblog


Cycleway 9, the system of separated cycle lanes in west London, has been criticized by motorists and politicians since it was first proposed in 2017.

In the 2019 general election, Conservative candidate for the constituency of Brentford and Isleworth, Seena Shah, said the scheme, which aims to make cycling and walking easier, safer and more attractive on the roads of the west London, “put pedestrians at risk and jeopardized our already struggling retail economy by taking away space on the pavements, as well as parking and loading bays.

In 2020, anti-LTN and cycle lanes group OneChiswick launched a legal action against the decision to install C9, which was ultimately abandoned late last year.

One member of this group, David Giles – a former local Tory chairman – was filmed by Jeremy Vine in December yelling (as any normal person would) at children to ‘get off the bike‘ as they were riding along the recently opened section of bike path from King Street to Goldhawk Road.

With all this opposition, I hear you screaming, surely the new roads have completely ruined local businesses and the daily life of the inhabitants of the district? Well, here’s some footage from King Street at 6pm last night (warning – the next 42 seconds can be very distressing for easily disgruntled and/or licensed motorists):


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