Do you like riding in new places? You will love Rally Motorvelo


You know the feeling. You’re all ready to ride somewhere new, find a new challenge, maybe a little good-natured competition.

But then, due to factors beyond your control, either the rally you’ve been planning for ages is canceled or “life happens” and you have to cancel.

Luckily, there’s now a hassle-free app offering cross-country boating rally events in stunning locations at a time that suits you. Even better, they are guaranteed never to be canceled because there is no fixed date. This app is Motorbike Rally.


Rally Motorvelo was designed to give you that “excuse to ride”. Once connected to the free downloadable app, navigation rallies suitable for any type of bike and any type of cyclist are at your fingertips.

What is the problem?

It is extremely simple to use. Once you register for an event, you receive the GPX file of the rally of your choice, then choose the waypoints you want to visit to get the highest possible score.

You can also choose the route you want to take to reach these waypoints and set it in your satnav, roadbook or view the order you want to visit them in the app and then the default navigation app on your phone will open to get you there. .

Then you just need to switch back to the starting point and roll.

Events can be run solo or in groups with scores automatically displayed on a leaderboard at the end of your run. Best of all, the events aren’t tied to a particular date, meaning you can complete them at a time that suits you, so you never lose your excuse to ride.

Do not speed up, be careful, otherwise you will lose valuable points.

After choosing the location of your event, you choose your own itinerary, which means that you can customize it according to your desires and your abilities.

Courses for all levels

If greenlaning in Wales is your bag, there are plenty of routes to get down and dirty. If you’re more comfortable on the road in the Cotswolds, you’ll have no trouble finding a car that keeps your tires firmly on the tarmac.

Time frames range from hikes that can be done in a single afternoon to multi-day hikes. You can even register for a series of events by joining a RallyQuest.

Choose your own method of navigation, go old school with a map or road book or use satellite navigation, Apple maps, Google maps or the Rally Motorvelo app itself to find your way.

The app is inexpensive, great fun, and subscription-free, which means you’ll only pay for the routes you want to ride, when you want. Most cost 5 credits (a very reasonable £4.49) which can be purchased within the app.

If you fancy a free ride, sign up before July 31st and Motorbike Rally will give you enough credits for at least one full event.

Download the app HERE.


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