Does he have the Oomph! Factor?


He took two years to get started, and all this while he waited in the wings, while his big brothers (read Scorpio N & XUV700) thrilled the audience with his presence. We first saw it at the Auto Expo, but now that it’s here it makes a big statement in the subcompact SUV space. For starters, it’s the most powerful of the lot and that’s a good thing. Yes, more power is always good! And then you have the company showing off its abilities to make a car that’s powerful, fun and engaging. So what is the Mahindra XUV300 Everything about TurboSport?

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Mahindra XUV300 TurboSport: Design

On the design side, there are not many changes, it is still the XUV300. But now he gets the twin peaks Mahindra The logo and red accents all over the car tell the world that this is a powerful SUV. The Blazing Bronze color is new, and you get monotone and two-tone options. Mahindra has therefore kept things simple because remember, it’s not a facelift, it’s a new variant.

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The TurboSport gets red accents all around and Mahindra’s new Twin Peaks logo.

Mahindra XUV300 TurboSport: How does it drive?

Now, the XUV300 TurboSport petrol unit belongs to the same family of turbo petrol engines as the Scorpio N and XUV700. The 3-cylinder block now receives, among other things, a new turbocharger, high-pressure direct injection and variable valve timing. The power is 128 hp making it the most powerful subcompact SUV in India. And then there’s the overboost function, which helps extract an extra 20Nm for a short time, when the throttle is depressed more than 70 per cent, between gears 2-6. There is a hint of turbo lag though and that’s what makes initial acceleration a little lackluster, but once it gets between 1750 and 3800 rpm, the XUV300 TurboSport is in the zone. Zero to 100 km/h is done in 10.9 seconds, which is also very fast for a car of this size. That’s when it pulls its claws and is eager to pounce and there’s a manual transmission to help you extract that power from the engine too. There’s only the 6-speed manual and those who thought there would be an AMT on sale will be disappointed. Mahindra says it’s a Euro 6 compatible engine, giving it an edge over its competitors

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In TurboSport form, the XUV300 is India’s most powerful subcompact SUV.

Shift 1197cc
Max power 128 hp at 5000 rpm
Maximum torque 230 Nm at 1500-3750 rpm
Transmission 6-speed manual

Mahindra XUV300 TurboSport: ride and handling

Another aspect we loved about the XUV300 is the way it rides and there’s no change in that department here. The suspension hasn’t been tuned and frankly, it doesn’t need to be, because it soaks up whatever the road throws at you. What’s a little fiddly though are the longer gear throws and long clutch travel, it’s not exactly fun. What is also a little disappointing is the cabin.

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The suspension is the same as the other variants and it soaks up whatever the road throws at you.

Mahindra XUV300 TurboSport: Interior

There is NO change here. The only sporty element, so to speak, is the fact that the cabin is completely black. But really, we expected more here. In terms of features, you get a sunroof, leatherette upholstery, dual-zone climate control, all-wheel disc brakes, automatic headlights and wipers, which are great, but there are some big misses as well. There’s no wireless charging, no wireless smartphone integration or ventilated front seats. Now, all these features are available on its competitors. So yes, it’s a dud, and the sporty variant should have come with more features.

The interior of the TurboSport is identical to the other variants.

Mahindra XUV300 TurboSport: price and verdict

Now on to the price. The XUV300 TurboSport starts at Rs. 10.35 lakh, and goes up to Rs. 12.90 lakh. The W6 variant of the TurboSport is just Rs. 35,000 more expensive than the equivalent variant of the normal XUV300 and that shows just how much Mahindra has set it.

Mahindra XUV300 Turbo Sport


Dual tone


Rs. 10.35 lakh



Rs. 11.65 lakh

Rs. 11.80 lakh

W8 (O)

Rs. 12.75 lakh

Rs. 12.90 lakh

(All prices are Ex-Showroom India)

The W6 variant of the TurboSport is just Rs. 35,000 more expensive than the equivalent variant of the normal XUV300.

Could it have been priced more aggressively, given that not much has changed in terms of feature offerings? Certainly. But you have to give Mahindra points for trying to bring a sporty SUV to market, good on paper and on the road too!


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