Does Rochester have too many bike paths or not enough?



That’s one of the questions the City of Rochester has, and they want to hear what you think!

It has been eight years since the City of Rochester developed a master plan to help develop transportation infrastructure in the Mediterranean city of Minnesota, and they want your input as they work on an update to that plan.

According to Rochester city website, planners are currently seeking feedback on Rochester’s active transportation plan, called the Rochester Area Bicycle Master Plan, which was developed in 2012. In case you’re wondering, the city defines “active transportation” as ” human-powered modes of transportation, mainly walking and cycling, ”the site noted.

To help you collect your ideas, the city has set up an online survey (that you can take HERE), whose objective is “to identify transportation strategies and improvements to foster a safe and healthy community with accessible connections between businesses, neighborhoods, schools and other destinations,” the site says.

By completing the survey, city employees hope you will give them feedback on issues such as:

How to make the streets safer? How can we make it easier for more people to walk or cycle to where they need to go? How can our transportation system support local businesses and adapt to changing technology and travel habits?

According to KTTC, planners hope to use the survey’s feedback to figure out how to prioritize which areas to work on first. “We’re looking to guide the city’s spending whether or not there is a ton of inputs,” Rochester community development planner Matthew Tse said in the article. “It’s really in the best interests of the whole city. At the end of the day, my teammates and I are all public servants and so we’re trying to figure out where to best spend our money and who it can best serve,” Tse noted in the KTTC story.

While the city has already hosted several virtual workshops and pop-up sessions at places like Safe City Nights, Rochester Farmers Market and Thursdays Downtown, the online survey is up and running now and will be active until September 1. (Click HERE to complete the surveyAfter compiling the survey results, the city will form the new active transportation plan, which it hopes to have completed by spring 2022.

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