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Grand Forks RCMP are reminding the public to lock their bikes and register them online.

Bike thefts are “crimes of opportunity,” Sgt. Darryl Peppler told The Gazette on Thursday, August 5. While it seems obvious that bike owners need to secure their bikes with strong locks whenever they are left unattended, the urgency of registering bikes is probably less glaring.

Constables may find it difficult to investigate bicycle thefts when police do not have registration details, Sgt. Darryl Peppler told The Gazette on Thursday, August 5.

“We need the make, model, serial number and value of a stolen bike,” he said, adding that “if we use the serial number on a bike that we think is stolen, but we can’t find an owner, so we’re limited in terms of what we can do. “

“What a person should do when buying a bicycle is take a picture of it that clearly shows the serial number and then email the picture to themselves so that they have it. always an electronic copy, ”he explained.

Peppler gave his interview days after Grand Forks Mounted Police recovered two bikes allegedly stolen from a residence in the 1800 block of 68th Avenue. This recovery was part of an ongoing investigation, he said.

If your bike has been stolen, call the Grand Forks RCMP non-emergency line at 250-442-8288 and give the police the serial number of the bike. Once entered the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC), police across the country can compare this number to bikes they believe have been stolen. This can lead to criminal charges against suspected thieves, Peppler said.

Bikes can be registered online at nonprofit websites like Project 529, formed in 2013 to reduce bike theft and promote cycling. To register your bike’s serial number for free, go to the Project 529 website at

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