Drivers seek alternative transportation as gas prices hit record highs


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – You may be thinking about ditching your car as gas prices hit record highs.

Local bike and motorbike shop owners say they expect drivers to park their 4-wheelers in favor of 2-wheelers.

“Gas is like the most important thing,” said Kit Cameron, co-owner of Law Bikes LLC. “People don’t want to be stuck at home, they want to get out and travel.”

Cameron said he expects motorcycle sales to pick up this year as gasoline prices recently hit a national cost of $4 a gallon.

“These things are over 30 miles per gallon and as much as gas is going to cost, that’s a bonus,” Cameron said.

He said the summer is normally a busy season for him and his team. This time they are getting ready a little early for customers.

“Before summer comes, because I think gas prices are going to go up again,” Cameron said.

According to AAA, Illinois has the highest gas prices in the Heartland at $4.30.

Kentucky is not far behind at $3.81.

The Missouri average is $3.63, with several southeast Missouri counties having some of the highest costs in the state.

“What we’re really seeing is a lot of eclectic bikes or e-bikes,” said Don Hinkebein, director of Cape Bicycle Cycling and Fitness.

He explained that many of his customers have a short commute to work and cycling is a much cheaper alternative.

“This bike here is really a car replacement,” Hinkebein said. “We had only seen a false surge in sales since the beginning of the 1970s, with the first gasoline crisis”

He said as the gas continues to climb, he hopes to see more people looking for other ways to get to the places they need to be.

“Not just to replace cars, but to help transport more,” Hinkebein said.

According to CBS News, gas is only pennies away from an all-time high. Experts say the record could be broken in just days.

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