Earth Day weekend brings healthy planet advocates to Durham

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) — There are usually crowds gathered in Durham Central Park on Saturdays. This year, with Earth Day also taking place on Saturday, environmental stewards, advocates and those who like to spend time outdoors hung out in the park on Sunday as well as for the Earth Day Festival. Bull City Land.

Bike Durham’s John Tallmadge spoke to ABC11 about the work his group is doing to encourage greener transport options.

“We organized the first exhibition on sustainable transport, to accompany the Earth Day festival,” he said. “Children also have the opportunity to ride bikes and gain experience with these modes of transport that they may not be familiar with.”

The different modes include an all-electric Go Durham bus, parked where people could watch it.

The Madeline James Museum of Life and Science in Durham is encouraged by families who have stopped in their area to learn more about sustainable living and outdoor play options.

“Older people and adults without children came and played with us and got really excited trying to build boats out of bark and rocks,” she said. “Once you start doing it, it’s a very happy game, it’s hard to stop!”

James encourages people concerned about climate change and its effects to look beyond solutions like eating more sustainable meals, driving less and other options to save the planet.

“Which environmental organizations can you align with? How can you volunteer to help fight climate change and move society forward together? So rather than focusing on your negative impact, think about these ripple effects and the positive impact you can have,” says James.

ABC11 weekday morning weatherman Kweilyn Murphy was MC on Sunday, and also shared tips for keeping the Earth healthy as rapid growth takes its toll on local green spaces.

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