Excel Customer 450 Rally Motorcycle Homologation Details


COLOVE has been manufacturing their 450 Rally bike for a few years, but now they are ready to create a derivative version for customer use.

Colove and Excelle are essentially the same thing. They are also known as Kove. They’ve been manufacturing their 450 Rally for a while, but are now looking to make it commercially available, with homologation information leaked from China’s Ministry of Technology, according to Motorrad.

The bike is said to produce 52 horsepower from its 449cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. With a dry weight of 155 kg, that’s enough to reach a top speed of around 170 km/h, or 105 mph.

While the frame will be steel, the swingarm will be aluminum, with 21-inch and 18-inch wheels front and rear, respectively, with 90/90 and 140/80 tires, respectively, on each of them.

The bike is said to be called the ZF 450 LS Rally, and with those sorts of specs will be similar to the factory Colove Rally 450. If the paint job stays true to the Colove, then, as Motorrad notes, there will be a clear visual similarity to KTM, whose production rally bike weighs 10kg less than the Excelle.

Factory Co-love bike is sprung by KYB and stopped by 288mm front and 240mm rear Nissin discs, so perhaps we can expect the same on the retail Excelle version.

But, ultimately, for more details – such as price and launch date – than are available in the homologation papers, we’ll have to wait for official information to be released by Excelle on the ZF 450 LS Rally.

Main image courtesy of Motorrad.


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