Georgetown Police Department receives new lighting devices that can help save lives


SCOTT Co., Ky. (WKYT) – The Georgetown Police Department has received six new Guardian Angel light devices to aid officers when working in low-light conditions.

Office Ryan Hill said the clip on the devices was useful for directing traffic or dealing with a collision.

They have multiple light settings. The devices clip onto an officer’s vest and come with a bike mount.

Constable Hill said it’s not uncommon for an officer to end up on a dark rural road in Scott County.

“Every time we go out it may be on a side road which may not have adequate lighting, it may be a bit darker than here on the ring road,” he said.

Officer Hill said cars often whizzed by while they were at work and the darkness could be incredibly dangerous.

“In the event that something tragic happens and you need to be really visible, there’s a button on the top and you just press it and everything lights up,” he said.

The department received the lights through the Spirit of Blue association. They are working for more.

“We’re going to focus on the second and third teams,” Agent Hill said. “Those officers who want to wear them, we’re going to focus on them but we’d like to get them for every officer eventually.”

Each light costs $100. It’s worth every penny for these cops.

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