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Ghost Bikes has announced the arrival of its first lightweight, mid-power e-bike in the form of the Ghost Path Riot, featuring the Fazua Ride 60 motor and 430 Wh battery. It is a full carbon eMTB and in its lightest build configuration the Path Riot weighs just 17.5kg. It is announced in conjunction with the 2023 Ghost Riot, a mountain bike that shares the same 140mm travel carbon frame layout, paired with a 150 fork to give the Riot Trail and a 160mm fork to give the Riot AM.

Indeed, the eBike and the Trail and All-Mtn bikes were developed side by side, with handling at the top of the priority list. They share the same Traction Link suspension layout, a reworked version of the one we’ve seen on previous Riot and Riot eMTBs, and indeed the Lector FS XC bike; it is a one-piece swingarm connected to the front triangle by two links which co-rotate when the rear wheel is pushed in its travel.

Here is a brief overview of what awaits you in the spring of 2023.

Ghost Riot Path Electric Bike

ghost path riot lightweight ebike 17.5 kg ltd model fazua ride 60 motor 430 wh battery

The Traction Link suspension platform used by the Path Riot eMTB is said to provide a near vertical axle path throughout its 140mm of travel

  • Intent: Trail Riding
  • Wheel size: 29″
  • Fork Travel: 150mm (LTD) 160mm (Full Party & Advanced)
  • Rear wheel travel: 140mm
  • Engine: Fazua Ride 60
  • Battery: 430Wh
  • Range extender: 210 Wh
  • Claimed weight: 17.5 kg (Medium Path Riot LTD without Range Extender)
  • Prize: €10,000 Path Riot Ltd (€8,500 Full Party and €7,000 Advanced)

The Ghost Path Riot e-bike comes in sizes S-XL, all of which roll on a 29er wheelset and feature 140mm of rear wheel travel. There are two geometry options. Choose from the Path Riot LTD (the lightest option) with a 150mm fork that gives a 64° head angle and 77° seat angle; or, there’s the Path Riot Full Party and Advanced build setups that sport a 160mm fork. The taller front end results in a smoother ride, with a 63.5° head angle and 76.5° seat angle.

The reach is very generous for an e-bike of this travel rack, ranging from 440mm in small to 470mm in medium, 497mm in large and up to 527mm in XL. The seat tubes aren’t terribly short, covering a range of 417mm to 489mm, but the Eightpins infinitely adjustable integrated seatpost spec found on all build options will help riders squeeze every last millimeter of clearance. between the buttocks and the seat.

2023 ghost path riot ltb ebike geometry

Ghost took a somewhat proportional approach to geometry, offering the Small and Medium frames with a 446mm chainstay length, and the L and XL frames with a 455mm chainstay length.

2023 ghost path riot full party 160mm advanced fork geometry

Ghost Path Riot Full Party and Advanced build options share the same geometry numbers

With a claimed weight of 17.5 kg (38.5 lbs), the Ghost Path Riot e-bike will be an attractive option for those looking for a lightweight e-bike that still packs a punch. The Fazua Ride 60 motor does not offer the 85Nm / 90Nm torque output seen on full power e-bikes, but 60Nm will be more appealing to those who were previously disappointed with the 35Nm offered by the motor on the Specialized Turbo Levo SL somewhat comparable.

2023 ghost path riot ebike traction link fazua ride 60 nm torque motor emtb

Engine? What engine?

The Fazua Ride 60 motor is becoming increasingly popular among mountain bike brands looking to fill the lightweight mid-power e-bike niche; it is featured on the recently announced Pivot Shuttle SL and the yet to be released Transition Relay. The motor is compact and lightweight, weighing in at 1.96kg, not far off the 1.85kg TQ-HPR50 motor seen on the new Trek Fuel EXe.

The Fazua Ride 60 motor gave Ghost a good platform from which to build an e-bike under 40 lbs. And, at 17.5kg, the Path Riot LTS is certainly light, but still not as svelte as the Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR World Cup which shares the same motor system; this one weighs about 16.5 kg. It is important to note that there is however the price difference; the Ghost Path Riot LTD costs €10,000, while the aforementioned Pivot is priced at a whopping $11,999 (equivalent to around €12,500 at the time of writing).

2023 Ghost Riot AM & Trail

2023 ghost riot am 140mm mountain bike

  • Intent: All-Mtn & Trail Riding
  • Wheel size: 29″
  • Fork travel: 160 mm (AM) and 150 mm (Trail)
  • Rear wheel travel: 140mm
  • Claimed weight: 15.05 kg (Riot AM Full Party)
  • Price: €5,599 Riot AM Full Party (€4,999 Riot AM PRO, €5,499 Riot Trail Full Party and €4,999 Riot Trail PRO)

Ghost Riot Trail and All-Mtn 2023 bikes were announced simultaneously. They are essentially non-motorized versions of the Path Riot eBike, sharing the same 140mm Traction Linkage suspension platform and a very similar set of geometric figures.

The Riot Trail sports a 150mm fork, offering a 64° HA and 77° SA, while the Riot AM with its longer 160mm axle-to-crown fork offers a slacker geometry, with a 63 .5° HA and a 76.5° SA.

2023 ghost riot am full party geometry

2023ghost riot trail full party geometry

Frame details

The following frame details are shared by Ghost Path Riot eMTB and Ghost Riot Trail & All-Mtn Bikes:

  • Frame material: carbon fiber
  • Frame spacing: 148mm
  • Handlebar: SRAM UDH
  • Seat post diameter: 34.9 mm
  • Water bottle capacity: 500ml on Small, 750ml on M-XL
  • Shock Dimensions: 185mm x 55mm Trunnion

Price and availability

Availability of the new Ghost Riot Path and Riot Trail & AM bikes is not expected until Spring 2023.

Pricing for the Ghost Path Riot Electric Bike starts at €7,000 for Advanced Build, rising to €8,500 for Full Party, capping at €10,000 for LTD.


The Ghost Path Riot Advanced sells for €7,000

2023 Ghost Path Riot Full Party

The Ghost Path Riot Full Party sells for €8,500

2023 ghost path riot ltd

The Ghost Path Riot LTD sells for €10,000

Pricing of the Ghost Riot 2023 Trail Bike starts at €4,999 for the PRO Build, capping out at €5,499 for the Full Party.

phantom riot trail 2023 pro

The Ghost Riot Trail PRO retails for €4,999

Full Ghost Riots Trail Party 2023

Ghost Riot Trail Full Party 2023 sells for €5,499

Pricing of the Ghost Riot AM 2023 Bike starts at €4,999 for the PRO Build, capping out at €5,599 for the Full Party.

2023 Ghost Riot AM PRO

Ghost Riot AM PRO 2023 retails for €4,999

Full Ghost Riot AM 2023 Party

Ghost Riot AM Full Party 2023 sells for €5,599

For full spec lists, head to the Ghost Bikes website.


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