Harley-Davidson S1 Mosh / Tribute electric bike goes on sale this year



Tradition is a big part of the Harley-Davidson brand. Personalization too. If you come across a group of 50 Harley riders touring the countryside, all of them will have the same engine and gearbox, but none of them will look like the others. Harley owners have a dizzying array of colors and trim options from the factory, but the aftermarket also provides an endless selection of seats, tailpipes and other accessories. A blue Honda Civic looks like every other blue Honda Civic, but no two Harleys are alike and that’s what makes them dear to their owners.

Harley has a problem, however. Its demographics are almost as old as the owners of Buick and Cadillac. So a few years ago, the company decided to reinvent itself as an electric bicycle company. The first offering was called Serial 1 Mosh / City, priced at $ 3,999. My colleague Jo Borras gave him a scathing criticism Last spring. He trashed it for its tasteless matte black finish and crappy seat. (I think it was supposed to look like their all-black Cafe Racer.) Well, Jo, someone at Harley HQ must have listened to your rant.

Harley Davidson S1 Mosh / City, image courtesy of Harley Davidson

This week, the company unveiled its Serial 1 Mosh / Tribute, an electric bike that more closely evokes the look of the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle in 1903 that is forever enshrined in the company’s tradition as the Serial 1. .It has that rich, deep, glossy black paint, brass accents, a real seat with real springs, polished cranks and other thoughtful touches that are much more faithful to the original Serial 1.

White Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires are exclusive to the 1 Series, and the leather saddle and matching leather grips are handcrafted by Brooks England. Other than these highlights, the bike itself is identical to the Mosh / City. It features a Gates Carbon Drive belt, Brose mid-drive motor, TRP hydraulic disc brakes, internally routed cables and wires, and integrated lighting, according to The edge.

The Mosh / Tribute is available for online ordering now on the company’s website electric bike website. The price is $ 5,999 and Harley says it will be delivered in time for the holidays. Presumably, they mean Christmas, not Yom Kippur.

Harley says he will only sell 650 Mosh / Tribute bikes. True to its roots, the company will launch other models in the future, based on the company’s fascination with making bespoke products that don’t appear to be mass-produced. It’s unclear when these additional models will be released, what features will set them apart, or what their prices will be. One thing we do know is that they will all have the same base frame and training system that debuted with the Mosh / City.

Harley wants to bond with a younger demographic and that’s good. It remains to be seen whether the Series 1 approach will establish it as a major player in the e-bike market. As Jo Borras has said, there are plenty of other companies flocking to this space, with some offering higher quality products at lower prices. But they don’t say Harley-Davidson next door and that must count for something, right? “We’ll see,” said the Zen master.

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