Honda Navi Moto-Scooter launched in US, priced at Rs. 1.34 lakh


The Honda Navi lives in several markets outside of India, the latest being the United States, where the India-made motorcycle scooter was launched recently.

The Honda Navi 2022 is priced at $ 1,807 in the US or around Rs. 1.34 lakh (at current exchange rates)

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The Honda Navi 2022 is priced at $ 1,807 in the US or around Rs. 1.34 lakh (at current exchange rates)

Do you remember the Honda Navi, the small motorcycle scooter created by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India? While the model may not have found many takers in India, it has been successful in Latin American markets. And now the India-made Honda Navi has launched in the US for the 2022 model year. Honda America calls it Navi miniMOTO and the offer is priced at $ 1,807 (around ₹ 1.34 lakh). This is almost three times its last known price in India before the model was taken off shelves in early 2020 before the BS6 transition.

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Honda Navi 2022 for the US remains largely the same as the model sold in India

The Honda Navi 2022 for the US hasn’t received a major cosmetic upgrade. It still continues to sport the funky Honda Grom-inspired design language, while power comes from the all-too-familiar 110cc carbureted single-cylinder engine. While Honda America did not reveal the power output, the engine was running around 7.8 hp and 9 Nm of maximum torque in the BS4 version. The engine is mated to a CVT automatic transmission.

The Honda Navi will be one of the brand’s most affordable models in the country. It is for customers who are learning to drive and want something that is fuel efficient and user friendly. The low saddle height, lightness and practical storage box make it suitable for the city, especially for young riders.


Honda Navi 2022 for the US is available in four colors and receives the storage box as an accessory

In a statement, Brandon Wilson, Sports & Experiential Manager – American Honda, said: “From the original Cub to the Grom, Honda has a proud heritage of producing miniMOTO models that open the doors to new riders, and the Navi is ready to extend this trend even further. This miniMOTO checks all the boxes for new riders, such as simple operation, fun design, low operating costs, and Honda reliability – all for well under $ 2,000. We are happy to make motorcycling possible for more riders by bringing the Navi to the United States. “

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The 2022 Honda Navi will be offered in the United States in four colors: red, grasshopper green; Nut Brown and Ranger Green. The model will be available in most markets from January 2022, while California will get the small scooter from February next year. Honda also offers Icon graphics as an accessory on the Navi.


Honda Navi 2022 even keeps the same instrument console


Regarding its history in India, the Honda Navi debuted at Auto Expo 2016 and went on sale the same year. Although this was an original offering and one of the more affordable choices from the Honda team at the time, the model could not achieve the same market value as a conventional and more practical Activa. could do it in the brand’s range. While Honda halted sales in India in early 2020, the company continued to export the model to other markets, the most recent of which is the United States. You can find the Navi at really competitive prices in the used market. Be sure to read our list of pros and cons if you are looking for one.

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