HP Corse presents two exhaust configurations for the Ducati DesertX


Ducati’s DesertX is the most recent evocation of the growing neo-retro adventure bike segment. If a few years ago, we could say that ADV bikes were rather devoid of style and personality, it is clear that this is no longer the case. Rally-inspired adventure bikes such as the Yamaha Tenere 700, MV Agusta Lucky Explorer and, of course, the Ducati DesertX, breathe new life into the ADV segment.

HP Corse presents two exhaust configurations for the Ducati DesertX

As such, it is not surprising that the Ducati DesertX gained considerable traction among ADV and Ducatisti enthusiasts. Naturally, when a bike is popular, aftermarket support also grows at a rapid pace, and just months after it hits the market, almost every aftermarket manufacturer has upgrades and accessories just for the DesertX. Take Italian exhaust manufacturer HP Corse, for example, who have just launched a shiny new exhaust system for the rally-ready Ducati adventurer.

It’s called the SP-1 Evo Short, and it tidies things up while slightly increasing performance, and of course, delivering the much-desired sound of a raw, powerful L-twin engine. The exhaust itself sees the Dakar Rally as its inspiration and keeps things simple with an oval canister and slightly bent tailpipe. A removable dB killer is fitted to the outlet spout, allowing the pipe to comply with noise regulations. The muffler body features the subtly laser-etched HP Corse logo, while the entire exhaust system is finished in a titanium silver colour.

HP CorsicaThe SP-1 Evo Short for Ducati DesertX is available in two options: a standard low mount and a high mount. The low mount uses the bike’s stock mid pipe and catalytic converter, allowing you to use it under Euro 5 regulations. However, if you opt for high mount you will need to install the mid pipe. stripping, which would inevitably render the bike non-compliant with the latest emissions regulations. As for pricing, the standard configuration sells for 588 euros, the equivalent of $574, while the high-mount version costs 641 euros ($626) plus the decat pipe for 399 euros ($390).


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