“Impetus” is a unique Moto Guzzi Griso dressed in voluptuous aluminum clothing


The coastal town of Pescara is home to sunny beaches, historic architecture, and Filippo Barbacane’s Officine Rossopuro – a well-known motorcycle customization company whose portfolio we have visited several times in the past. Filippo started modifying two-wheeled entities in 1993, long before there was any kind of customs culture developed on Italian soil. Without the internet and limited access to information, he had no choice but to hone his skills using the good old formula of trial and error.

After acquiring the necessary knowledge, Barbacane took things to the next level by creating Firestarter Garage in 1998, which marked the starting point of his career as a professional motorcycle craftsman. Three years later, this ambitious man decided to present his very first Guzzi-based exploit (aka “Ciclope”) at the Padua Bike Show, thus gaining the public attention he really deserved.

In 2009, Firestarter became Officine Rossopuro, and Filippo began to focus solely on machines from Mandello del Lario. This was followed by numerous appearances at some of Europe’s most prestigious custom motorcycle shows, including the 2019 edition of Bike Shed London and the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, to name a few. Just over a month ago, we had the pleasure of presenting you the surprising “Tridente” by Rossopuro, a reworked 1000SP Spada that manages to look absolutely divine.

If you’ve found the aforementioned spectacle as exciting as we have, the creature we’re reviewing today is sure to tickle your imagination. In its previous incarnation, this sexy thing was a 2009 MY Griso 1200 that met factory specs for the Moto Guzzi lineup, with a longitudinally mounted 1,151cc V-twin mill that is good for up to 108 ponies and 80 lbs. -pi (108 Nm) of torque. Upon reaching the rear wheel, the indomitable force of the engine allows the Griso to reach a top speed of 130 mph (210 km / h).

Long story short, the beast in question is a competent machine, so it’s not hard to see why the owner of this Griso just couldn’t let him go, even though his heart was calling for another spin. Instead of completely abandoning his beloved Guzzi, he gave the experts at Barbacane a complete overhaul, but the bike’s frame and engine had to be left intact.

As such, Filippo and his team shifted their attention to the demon aesthetic. First off, the Rossopuro pros worked their magic at the rear, where they removed the standard rear end and two-seater saddle to make room for their own bespoke (and arguably nicer) setup. . While most builders would cover the subframe with a one-piece tail, the Italians opted to leave the skeleton exposed and fabricate a selection of aluminum panels to fill in the spaces between the tubes.

The next step was to cover a unique leather saddle that hugs the outline of Griso’s fuel tank like a glove. To top things off at six o’clock, aftermarket architects in Pescara installed a small taillight, LED turn signals and a custom license plate holder. With those accessories in place, they made a set of aluminum side panels for the Guzzi’s sidewalls, mesh-covered air intakes and Officine Rossopuro emblems.

In the cockpit, there is an LSL handlebar adorned with premium switches and round mirrors, while an LED headlight sits between the fork arms. The Etalon’s 90-degree V-twin engine exhales via a pair of shiny manifolds and a titanium muffler from QD Exhaust. To top it off, the Filippo specialists wanted to ensure a good grip on the tarmac, so they wrapped the donor’s three-spoke poles in the impeccable Roadtec rubber from Metzeler. When completed, the specimen had been nicknamed “Impetus”, which is essentially another way of saying elk.


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