India will plunge into anarchy if the Hindutva juggernaut is not stopped dead in its tracks


The victims in all these places were mainly poor Muslims whose homes and shops were looted or destroyed. In all BJP-ruled states, the police, who failed to intervene to stop these attacks, subsequently arrested the Muslim victims and those who tried to resist the attackers.

Another spate of attacks on Muslims occurred in four states a week later, when Hanuman Jayanti processions were suppressed on April 16.

That these incidents occurred under state patronage became apparent when dozens of Muslim-owned shops and houses in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh were bulldozed directly on the order of the Minister of Health. ‘State Interior.

Adityanath government’s notorious bulldozer policy is now being implemented in other BJP-ruled states. A bulldozer was stationed at Bhagwanpur in Uttarakhand and a threat was made that the homes of Muslims wanted by the police would be demolished if they did not surrender.

Again, bulldozers were sent to Jahangirpuri in Delhi, where the police fall under the central government. Although the Supreme Court ordered the status quo maintained, the demolition of shops and homes continued for two hours.

What these incidents mean across the country over the past three weeks should be well understood. These are not sporadic communal riots or conventional clashes that occur when certain activities or religious groups collide. This is a pre-planned move to take the anti-Muslim campaign to a new level. There is every danger that local pogroms will be launched.

Having spawned a huge army of unemployed youth and economic distress affecting large swaths of society, the hordes mobilized by Hindutva outfits are unleashed for divisive and nihilistic purposes.


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