LA to close the gap in the Santa Monica bike path at USC – NBC Los Angeles


Los Angeles is one step closer to a continuous 14-mile network of cycle paths from the Santa Monica Pier to USC and Explosion Park.

Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to use a prominent estate to take portions of eight properties, between Motor Avenue and Overland Avenue, to build a 0.28-mile bike path as part of an effort aiming to close a one-mile gap in the Expo Line Bike Path.

The move will fill a gap in the 14-mile east-west cycling network.

Carlos Rios, senior transportation engineer for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, said the city had already secured five of the 13 properties needed to close the gap, and the eight voted on Tuesday were the last needed. The five properties already secured were obtained by the city through negotiation settlements, not a prominent domain, according to the city attorney’s office.

“Once we have this less than one mile segment of the cycling facility in place, we will have a continuous 14 mile facility that will allow cyclists to travel primarily from the Santa Monica Pier to the area. USC / Exposition Park, ” Rios told board members.

Prominent estate lawyer Gary Kovacic, who represents five of the landowners, unsuccessfully requested an extension before the vote. He adds that his customers want the bike path to be narrower and further from their homes. They also want the city to create a sound barrier, he said.

The condemned areas of seven of the properties are “restricted utility easements” where the owners were not allowed to build permanent structures due to a utility company’s right to access and control the portion. ground.


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