Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato goes ‘beyond concrete’ in new video


Long before 2019, Lamborghini gave us our first look at the Huracan Serrato, perhaps its most unconventional take on its Huracan supercar. The Serrato transforms the high-powered sports coupe into a rally-focused behemoth with bulging fender flares wrapped around big, gravel-grabbing all-terrain tires. The photos were eye-popping, but today the Italian automaker is giving us a look at the machine in action, quietly releasing a video featuring the Huracan Sterrato titled “Beyond the Concrete.”

In the video, the Sterrato – decked out in a new orange and black camouflage livery – is seen speeding down a country road before turning left onto dirt to race mountain bikes on gravel trails and across an open field. Despite packing the Huracan Evo’s 640-hp 5.2-liter V10, bespoke traction and stability programming for dirty driving, and 47 millimeters of ground clearance, the race ends in a surprising draw. in an Italian villa on top of a hill. The Lambo had to be slowed down by all the drifts and power slides it makes along the way.

Revisiting the Huracan Sterrato after three years feels like Lamborghini is reminding enthusiasts that it’s still working on the wild concept and hinting to everyone that it’s gearing up to make some sort of announcement regarding the Sterrato soon. However, no post or announcement accompanies the video – only the prompt that “Lamborghini gets your adrenaline pumping: stay tuned.”


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