Last Olympic Games: Pole Tomala wins 50 km walk


Katy Marchant of Team Great Britain crashes with Laurine van Riessen of Team Netherlands (188) during the Keirin Women's Track Cycling at the 2020 Summer Olympics on Thursday 5th August 2021, in Izu, Japan.  (AP Photo / Christophe Ena)

Team Great Britain’s Katy Marchant crashes with Team Netherlands Laurine van Riessen (188) during the women’s track cycling keirin at the 2020 Summer Olympics on Thursday August 5, 2021 , in Izu, Japan. (AP Photo / Christophe Ena)


The latest news on the Tokyo Olympics, which are being held under heavy restrictions after a year of delay due to the coronavirus pandemic:



Pole Dawid Tomala won what could be the last 50 km walk at the Olympics.

Tomala won in 3 hours, 50 minutes and 8 seconds in Sapporo for the gold medal.

Jonathan Hilbert of Germany was second, 36 seconds behind Tomala in 3:50:44. Evan Dunfee of Canada was third in 3:50:59. The walking events have been moved to Sapporo due to the summer heat and humidity in Tokyo.

The 50-kilometer walk has been withdrawn from the program for the next Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 and may not return.

It was first introduced at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics and has been staged at every Games since, except Montreal in 1976.


The International Olympic Committee said it had pulled two coaches from the Belarusian team from the Olympics, four days after trying to send sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya back to Belarus.

The IOC said it canceled and deleted the credentials of Artur Shimak and Yury Maisevich.

The IOC said the men “were asked to leave the Olympic Village immediately and did so … in the interests of the well-being of the athletes.”

Shimak and Maisevich have continued to have contact with Belarusian athletes since Sunday after the IOC linked them with the idea of ​​taking Tsimanouskaya by car to the airport to put her on a plane to Belarus.

Tsimanouskaya had criticized the team coaches on social media and is now in Poland on a humanitarian visa.

The IOC said Shimak and Maisevich “will be given the opportunity to be heard” by its disciplinary commission investigating the case.


Dutch Olympic track cyclist Laurine van Riessen is recovering in a Tokyo hospital a day after a terrible accident in the keirin semi-final at the Izu velodrome.

Van Riessen was briefly knocked out when she collided with British rider Katy Marchant at over 40 mph. Van Riessen remained on the apron of the track for several minutes before medics loaded her onto a stretcher and removed her from the velodrome.

She was transferred to a hospital in Tokyo and diagnosed with a broken collarbone, broken ribs and a bruised lung.

A spokesperson for the Dutch athletics team said Van Riessen was fine, but did not recall the fall. The team doctor is with her and Van Riessen was able to clarify that the pain is mainly in the shoulder.

Van Riessen’s teammate Shanne Braspennincx won the gold medal in keirin, a six-lap race where the first three are punctuated by a motorized bike and the last three are a sprint for all to the finish.


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