Letters to the Editor: February 23, 2022 | Letters to the Editor


Don’t bother with the book; Abe’s answers are at the park

On February 12, I scanned the various bold letters in my copy of The News-Enterprise directing me to important articles. I saw “New Book Suggests Lincoln Wasn’t Born in Hodgenville.”

The arrogance of these two people who truly believe that they can direct the informed and educated people to buy their designed ideas from our local regional and national history.

No facts are given in the print article, just a match to get the audience to part with our hard-earned “Honest Abe” dollars through inflation.

I almost felt sad for these two self-proclaimed historians and authors when I read that they spent about two years researching information for the book. They could have saved a year and 364 days by visiting the National Historic Site of Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace in Hodgenville.

A dog bites a man, that’s not news

The man bites a dog now that’s news.

Steve M. Gardner


Volunteers dedicate time and treasures to the trails

Recently, the Radcliff Woman’s Club completed its Community Impact Program for 2020-2021, choosing new benches for Saunders Springs Nature Preserve as a project. Little did we know our little project would generate such interest that would manifest itself in improved trails and result in an outpouring of projects and community volunteer hours. After working on this bench and trail improvement project for two years, 4,674 volunteer hours were donated and $10,334.22 raised.

Not only did the Radcliff Woman’s Club purchase two benches, but a big thank you to the Radcliff Rotary Club, North Hardin Lions Club and Optimist Club of Radcliff who also purchased a bench. Vince Carman, chairman of the Radcliff Forestry and Conservation Board, who suggested the bench project and completed a map design project. Others who helped were the town of Radcliff and its parks and recreation department; Boy Scouts of America Troop 686: Project Eagle Scout and Adopt-A-Trail Program; several other Boy Scouts of America troop service projects: completed as part of this upgrade; Radcliff Forestry and Conservation Board: the town council that plans new and upgrade projects; Kentucky Mountain Bike Association Lincoln Trails (KyMBA LT): building, repairing bridges and maintaining trails; Radcliff/Fort Knox Tourism, KyMBA LT and Saunders Springs Betterment Fund: Trail signage project, design and installation of new signage and various other individuals and organizations who have been involved in other facets of trail improvements.

Once again, thank you from the women of the Radcliff Woman’s Club. Thanks to all of you, the enjoyment of Saunders Springs Nature will be increased for its citizens.

Julie Aldridge, Past President

Radcliff Women’s Club

Elizabethtown’s ‘sister’ is a beautiful community

Just visited Japan and made sure to visit Koori. Why Kori? Because it’s a sister city to Elizabethtown.

I think sister cities are such a cool idea, which is why I made Koori a priority on my trip. I’m glad I did – it’s so beautiful!

To wonderful relations between our two cities.

Dayton Kingrey



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