Lithium-Ion Battery Caused 4-Alarm Fire at 2230 Grand Concourse on Jan. 9



FDNY vehicle
Image courtesy of Citizen

Firefighters have confirmed the cause of the 4-alarm fire that broke out at 2230 Grand Concourse on Sunday January 9th.

As noted, the fire occurred in the Fordham Heights section of the Bronx on the same day as the Twin Parks fire tragedy, among other fires that also occurred in the borough on the same day.

The fire at 2230 Grand Concourse occurred at 2:24 a.m. when firefighters called on all responders to respond to the fire that broke out in an apartment building. The fire was brought under control around 5:12 a.m. that morning. The FDNY confirmed that firefighters said the cause of the fire was a lithium-ion battery from an e-bike/scooter.

Dirt bikes and scooters

Dirt bikes are illegal in New York. Also IIf your scooter has an electric or gasoline engine without a vehicle identification number, it is illegal and cannot be used or sold. Violators could face fines and vehicles will be seized by police.

A reminder that dirt bikes are illegal
Flyer courtesy of NYPD

NYC DOT provided information to New Yorkers on horseback riding Electric bikes in New York. Click here to learn more about riding an e-bike and other micromobility options in New York City.

NYC NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) has provided information for New Yorkers on riding e-bikes in New York City.
Flyer courtesy of the New York Department of Transportation

According to, lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, while lithium batteries are not. The attached FDNY tweet, above, gives more context on how to avoid such fires.


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