Local “beast” in search of glory – Winchester Sun


“The Beast” is looking for more championship fame.

He is better known as Bentley Lamb, an 8 year old resident of Winchester.

Lamb is in his first season competing on the Kentucky and Indiana cross country dirt bike circuit.

“He comes out in the middle of the woods, and they run through the woods and on an open track,” said his mother, Elizabeth Lamb.

Lamb races in the junior 50 CC division, which has five rows of riders. He goes up in row four.

Lamb won the Kentucky Championship in his division on October 23. His closest rival finished 15 points behind him.

He is ranked number two heading into his last race of the season and is only three points behind the leader of the general classification.

In more than 20 races in both states, he has never finished below fifth place.

“It’s fun,” Lamb said of his love for racing. “It’s fun running with all of my friends.”

His favorite races were at the Stanford, Kentucky track.

“They’re pretty quick,” Lamb said. He also enjoyed the motocross section of the course which features jumps.

Bentley said he was surprised by his success in its inaugural season.

“I have never reached such a high level at anything,” he said.

Elizabeth Lamb said Bentley’s dad also competed, but his son hadn’t spent much time on a bike before the season.

“Before his first race, he had only had six hours of cycling in total,” she said.

Elizabeth said she was “amazed” by Bentley’s success and that he had developed many followers in two states.

“Each time they tell me how fast he is and how talented he is. They have never seen such a young child take off so fast, ”she said.

Many of his admirers are in awe of his ability to navigate the most difficult portions of the course.

Elizabeth Lamb said Bentley rarely slows down when obstacles stand in its way.

Bentley has said “he doesn’t care” which leads he chooses, he follows his instincts.

Ahead of his Kentucky Championship win, he told The Sun it “would be amazing” to win a title in his first competitive season.

Now he is looking for another; a beast that will not be denied.


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