Monster Trucks Crush It With Five Hills Royalty | Herald of Copperas Cove


BELTON – The engines were noisy. The air was dusty as Copperas Cove Five Hills royalty witnessed destruction and monster truck action as special guests at the No Limits Monster Truck Show at the Bell County Expo Center.

The arena was filled with multicolored cars ready to be crushed by trucks specifically equipped with very large wheels, built with large strokes and very powerful engines fueled by uncontaminated methanol and pride.

“The big surprise for me was the monster truck crushing smaller cars under its huge tires. It can be quite loud and you need to be prepared,” said pre-teen Miss Five Hills Dorianna Gilbert. the pilots are experts and have been doing it for years.”

Little Miss Five Hills Braelyn Liles kept her eyes on the trucks, mesmerized by the action.

“I loved watching the monster truck show,” Liles said. “I couldn’t believe how big the monster trucks were. They were super loud, but fun to watch.

Copperas Cove Five Hills Ambassador Dawn Hale said it had been a while since she had been to a monster truck show, recalling attending it with her children several years ago .

“I will say they were louder than I remembered. I was very surprised and impressed when the trucks did what I like to call a handstand on their front bumpers,” Hale said. “I can’t wait to go back with our grandchildren. It’s events like this when we can go out there and enjoy it with our family members while representing our great town of Copperas Cove that are so meaningful.

Copperas Cove Five Hills Junior Ambassador Maddox Tobias waved his own checkered flag as he cheered on the pilots.

“I couldn’t believe how high the huge monster trucks soared through the air. It’s like they’re flying,” Tobias said. “It was fun to see the different competitions they had for racing, from jump vehicles to best wheelie to mud racing.”

Junior Miss Five Hills De’Ziyah Gilbert said she learned a lot at the monster truck show.

“One of the things I’ve learned is that trucks are used for competition and fun,” De’Ziyah Gilbert said. “The loud noise and all the sand surprised me at the monster truck show. The crashing of the cars was breathtaking.

Teen Miss Five Hills Angelica Torres said being the titleholder exposed her to many new experiences, including the monster truck show.

“I had an amazing time watching the trucks smash into the cars to do their laps, especially when one of the trucks did a stand-up head,” Torres said. “Another element of the show was the show of motorbikes and the observation of all the aerobatic exploits of the pilot. My favorite part was when he did the flip flipping himself and his bike completely upside down.

The various title holders were approached and asked about their contest titles, providing an opportunity to share about the town of Copperas Cove.

“This little girl wanted to take a picture with me in my belt. Her parents took the photo and asked about the contest. That’s what it’s all about,” said Dorianna Gilbert. “It’s inspiring to see others admire what we do through the Miss Five Hills Scholarship Program and to give others a positive impression of our city.”


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