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And right outside the front door of the hotel lurk surprises at every turn. I know this because I walked around the neighborhood during my morning and afternoon breaks and every lunch hour.

A new American canyon emerges on the east side of the highway. Several high-end apartment developments, a center with a dozen casual dining operations, a handful of retail outlets, and the near-legendary Wal-Mart Supercenter.

The Wal-Mart is huge (I walked it.). It’s also known for the police chases that start from its parking lot (I haven’t seen any.).

But to say that is to miss the big picture: the center is swarming with buyers and diners happy to get what they want at an affordable price in an upbeat, efficiently laid out and beautifully appointed environment.

But it’s car-centric, you say? Is this a way for a city to develop? That’s right, but how many Napa shoppers cycle to Target or the Oxbow?

Wal-Mart’s address is 7011 Main St. Affixing a “Main Street” address to such a juggernaut also struck me as a little odd, but AmCan envisions more of a traditional downtown near the ruins of its cement plant. Cool stuff is coming.

More important than the brick and mortar features of the city are the residents, by far the most ethnically / racially diverse in Napa County. Napa County made sure polling center staff included workers who spoke Spanish and Tagalog to serve them.



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