Not just NFTs: Colnago will use blockchain technology for bicycle authentication



After raising eyebrows by auctioning off a C64 NFT in May, iconic brand Colnago announced another blockchain-backed project, this time using technology to validate and verify its new mounts from 2022.

The outfit has teamed up with another Italian brand MyLime, which will connect each new Colnago executive to the Automotive Blockchain, a digital service that will store and protect unique records of manufacturing, transportation and sales.

It seems a bit silly at first glance with blockchains making more headlines as the basis for cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens – that digital art thing that made headlines earlier in the year). year), but it can actually be used to confirm product validity and verify proof of ownership.

Functioning as a digital passport for your frame, MyLime’s bike-linked RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag provides access to information through a blockchain-linked application. This should make counterfeits easily identifiable and allow stolen bikes to be traced back to their rightful owners.

The technology also allows the transfer of ownership in case you want to sell your bike, so that its history can be tracked over time, theoretically proving the seller’s validity on platforms like Ebay.

Colnago has also been careful to consider their use of the technology, with many critics citing the enormous energy consumption involved in cryptocurrency and NFTs, using a blockchain that “limits the use of intensive computing resources to the best of our ability. for block validation “.

Manolo Bertocchi, Head of Marketing at Colnago, said: “We have looked at the security provided by blockchain technology to give our customers the confidence to know that the frame they are buying is genuine and to demonstrate chain of ownership forever. .

“We will also be announcing other blockchain-based functions with the new year.”

You’ll also be happy to know that every purchase of a Colnago frame will come with an NFT version of the bike, so if it’s notched you can watch it digitally while you wait to see if the tech works as expected.

His team and production bikes will use the technology from next year and the first to receive the treatment will, of course, be Tadej Pogačar.

His Colnago V3Rs for the world championships – with a very Game of Thrones ‘Ice & Fire’ livery designed by the young Slovenian himself – will include the new technology and will be auctioned off once the new app and website of the brand launched, meaning the winner will be able to prove they have the GOAT bike.

The Tour de France champion reportedly said: “This is my first time designing a bike and working with Colnago engineers and designers has been very exciting. The idea is that my head is cold as ice during the race, but my legs are always on fire and Colnago delivered icy colors to represent this dichotomy. ‘

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